Storm Season by Nessa L. Warin


Title: Storm Season

Author: Nessa L. Warin

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: B- B List

Review: I enjoyed this book. It was set in a world that has incredibly fierce and destructive storms. These storms isolate people, making travel very difficult if not deadly during the storm season.

The storm season is only just beginning when our character, Jasper, finds poor Tobias, cold, hungry and lost. Jasper takes him home. The code of those who live with the storms demands you can’t turn away anyone in need of shelter.

I’m not sure who is more surprised by their method of communication. Tobias can only ‘speak’ telepathically and is shocked at Jasper’s verbalizing and lack of psychic abilities. If Tobias isn’t touching you when he ‘speaks,’ it causes intense pain and leaves you with a blinding headache. Which conveniently forces our guys into close proximity. 😉

Things are going along pretty well until the evil hunting Tobias forces Jasper into helping in ways he never planned. Our guys set out on a journey to rescue Tobias’s sister from the clutches of the evil men who are now chasing them. Traveling during the storm season is insane enough, but as Jasper begins to suspect his own reasons for helping Tobias, things become even more complicated. As the romance begins to develop between the men, Jasper has to find the strength within himself to save them all.

Jasper is a simple man who leads a very basic life. Tobias’s arrival brings upheaval and causes Jasper to question everything he thought he knew about their world and where he belongs in it. Jasper is leery of allowing his feelings for Tobias to develop and spends much of the story conflicted. But Tobias is just too adorable to resist.

Jasper has some incredible friends who make the story fuller. Although much of the story has our men traveling alone, when Jasper’s friends are with them, they are amazing.

I like the idea of people like Tobias and his town. Although I felt there wasn’t enough world building, I did enjoy the one that was created, I just wanted more. I really liked the way the relationship developed between Jasper and Tobias. They were sweet together, and even though Jasper took a little longer to convince, once he was in, he was fantastic.

I couldn’t help but root for these guys and enjoy watching them develop and find new courage and strength as they struggle against and are tested by the forces, both natural and evil, they encounter on their journey.

This was a good read. It’s not going to make you cry or change how you see our world, but I enjoyed this story. It has adventure, romance, evil forces, and a strong fantasy element. The story builds, as does the tension, and by the end, you’ll be a little nervous for our heroes.

Reviewed by: Nina

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