Unfinished Business by Mia Kerick

UnfinishedBusinessTitle: Unfinished Business
Mia Kerick
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press, March 2013
Rating: B listB List

Blurb: After struggling through dishonesty, betrayal, and the kind of pasts they’d like to leave behind them, Brett Taylor and Cory Butana are back together and starting to build a new life. Brett has a good job. Cory has started college. But not everything goes the way they planned.

Still recovering from the emotional and physical repercussions of a brutal assault, Cory finds himself trapped by his own insecurity and fear, unable to believe that his heart is safe with Brett or that his body is safe without him. On the other hand, Brett has total faith in Cory’s love and commitment, even though he still struggles with his own ghosts.

With girls flocking to Brett’s side and a wannabe-lover lab partner feeding his doubts, Cory can’t find a way to tell Brett about the unfinished business that haunts him. If Brett wants to save him, he’ll have to see through Cory’s deception in time.

Review: I enjoyed these books.  I say books because this is the sequel to Beggars and Choosers and you really do have to read that book first.  Unfinished Business begins with the boys living their new life as a couple and too much of the story would be confusing or have much less meaning without seeing their beginning.

Brett and Cory are very sweet and loving together.  They appreciate what they have and genuinely enjoy each other. They have their misunderstandings and angsty moments, but they highly value their relationship.  Not that they didn’t have their detractors and people trying to break them up.

These boys are hot!  The sex is intense and adds to the storyline.  It’s fun to watch the boys explore the pleasure and fun to be found in lovemaking.  Their limited experience doesn’t hold them back from trying new things with each other.

How do I say this?  Brett talks funny.  He has his own special spelling and I never did figure out what kind of accent he has.  I adjusted after a while and found that it gave each character a distinct voice.  There was no confusing him with anyone else, with the narrative alternating between Brett and Cory, that became important.

These boys are survivors.  They have been through so much, both together and individually.  The maturing that occurs for both as they enter into this adult stage of life is very fulfilling for those who have taken the journey from their first meeting as young adults to the happiness they achieve as adults.  It’s not without its bumps but their love and commitment to each other is a sweet and beautiful thing to see.

For those sensitive souls I must warn you: this story deals with assault and the effects and recovery of being assaulted.  It plays a part throughout the book and while there are many other themes, it is a thread that weaves through the daily lives of these sweet boys.  Both young men had hard childhoods and dealt with different kinds of abuse.  I felt it was told well and was an integral part of both the characters and storyline.

Reviewed by Nina

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