Loving Hector

LovingHector.001936 Title: Loving Hector
Author: John Inman
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press April 2013
Rating: B List: Cher  B List

Blurb:  Dillard Brown has a mother who’s determined he’s straight, a writing career that’s going nowhere, and at thirty, he’s never been in love in his life. But thanks to a ten-pound ball of fluff and energy named Chester, one of Dill’s circumstances is about to change. Maybe even all three.

Who would’ve thought one little stray dog could change Dill’s world—and not by accident either. The damn dog has it planned. If not for Chester wandering into Dill’s life and into his heart, Dill would never have met Hector Peña—and tumbled headlong into love at last!

But for all Chester’s efforts, happiness for Dill and Hector is still not assured. Hector’s evil ex, Valdemaro, is dead set on holding on—even if it means kidnapping Hector to keep him from Dill forever! Now Dill has to pull an army together to rescue Hector, and just where the hell is he supposed to find an army? Gads, if only Dill could write books this interesting!

Review:  I am so glad I won the arm wrestling match with Nina to review this book. After seeing it, we both wanted it. I am a cover junkie. The old adage don’t judge a book by its cover, doesn’t work for me. I always buy based first on the author, then the cover, then the blurb. If all three are there its an insta-buy. I adore this cover, it makes me laugh and fits the book well.

Dill was stuck in a life of circles. Fast food, writing, mooching off his wack job family. Hector is still healing from an abusive ex and is a little gun shy. But that doesn’t stop them both from falling all over each other and quickly becoming friends and lovers. I liked the sidebar of Dill’s writing. I could picture his small apartment brimming with books and lacking in real food. His desire to write, but also pay his bills, leading him to finding the most unlikely of friends is done incredibly well. You sympathize but also giggle at his escapades.

The book is cute, funny, a bit campy, with a slice of edge to give you some savory with your sweet story. I laughed out loud often and smiled through most of the book. Saying that…there were some things that bothered me.

For some reason the evil ex didn’t work for me. You have these two sweet, funny guys, and in steps a serious, abusive, man. Nothing is funny about domestic violence and abuse of power. I struggled reconciling the conflict in the midst of all of the cute.

The weird sex jokes turned me off and creeped me out. There is funny and then there is icky awkward. And this book forgot there is a line. Some scenes I skimmed over trying to get past it. To be honest at first there were characters that enchanted me, but by the end I didn’t enjoy them anymore

Saying that, the book is cute, and a fun read. You quickly fall in love with Dill and Hector and enjoy their fast courtship. And of course Chester, the dog that brought them together.

Reviewed by Beans


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