Hunt and Pray

HuntandPray.002209Title:  Hunt and Pray
Author:  Cindy Sutherland
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press April 2013
Rating:  B List: Cher  B List

Blurb:  Reporter Drew Edwards got too close to his story and now finds himself a hunted man. After being kidnapped and then released in Colorado Springs Forest, he has six hours’ head start on a madman trying to teach his son a lesson.

Chance Collins gets one warning from his bigoted, abusive father: “Kill him or be killed.” Horrified, Chance sees only one real option—run with Drew. When he takes it, there’s no turning back. If Drew and Chance can work together, they might make it out of the mountains alive to the promise of a brighter future.

Review:  I like books that break the mold. I love a storyline that feels unique and daring both in plot and in characters. I don’t think this book’s blurb does this story justice. I was stunned at the beginning of this book. It is violent, full of difficult moments, and kept me intrigued, all with a layer of grief over the excitement of the story that is unexpected.

Drew is a beautiful contrast of fear and confidence. His street smarts help him see more, hear more and survive longer. But he is also a realist and sees his death. His grief and fight to live is beautifully written and as a reader I empathized with him, wept with him, got angry with him.

Chance made me curious. From the blurb I “knew” he was going to run with Drew but I wasn’t convinced that he would break free until he did. Chance’s life is one of grief and acceptance of his own pain and death. It was compelling to watch his outlook on life and interactions with Drew and his father.

There is an amazing build-up. Great plot and pacing, and then the book ends. I stopped, looked at my e-reader, and flipped it over looking for the leak of pages that must have fallen out through the cord. The second half of the book went by incredibly fast, too fast. After the thorough first half I felt upset with the sudden ending.

I adored so much of this story it’s hard to talk about the frustration of a book that ends too quickly. There was much more I wanted. More I wanted to feel, to breathe in with these men.

Writing is incredibly difficult and to write something unique is a sign of excellence. I admire Cindy Sutherland for giving me a taste of a fine story.

Reviewed by Beans

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