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Dorian’s Worlds

Dorians_Worlds_400x600Title: Dorian’s World

Author: Allen Mack

Publisher: JMS Books

Rating:  B List  Cher   B List

Blurb: On a future Earth, sex suppressants and tranquilizers are fed to youth at the onset of puberty, keeping them in perpetual servitude by the Revered Senior Classes. They’re housed in sublevel cubicles beneath the city, with little ventilation, extreme heat, and complete lack of outdoor light. Homosexuality and bisexuality are encouraged to prevent a surplus of lower class citizens who might pose threats to Senior rule.

All menial Workers are trained to submit to sexual advances from any Senior with humility and enthusiasm. Medical advances have extended the Seniors’ lives, making their rule virtually unending. Subordinate in every way, through training from early childhood, the lower Class has no recourse.

Then Dorian rebels. While in jail, he recruits others with the same attitude, who strive to leave Earth. But can they overcome the obstacles in their way to freedom?

Review:  This was an intriguing read. A short novella, but full of promise and story. It moves fast so don’t blink or you’ll miss a detail. I enjoyed the way the story started and then flashed back to the time and place that Dorian lived.

What a heartbreaking world the author wrote. It was interesting and I wanted to dig more and find out about the other classes, the other workers, the different levels. You see Dorian and his struggle with the rule over him and his people.

His friendships came quickly and moved at the speed of light, sometimes leaving me in the dust having to reread it again to make sure I caught a detail. I wanted to know more about Bryn aad Lasa, Dorian’s friends and lovers.

The story was fun and a quick escape.

Reviewed by Beans


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