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WINDFALL 2 3 (1)Title:  Windfall

Author:  Amanda Young

Publisher:  Amanda Young

Rating:  B List  Cher  B List

Blurb: Landon and Daniel have been best friends since grade school. Through thick and thin, they’ve always been able to rely on each other. So it only seems natural for Landon to step in and offer assistance when Daniel has a run of bad luck.

Moving in together and splitting the bills seems like a simple solution to Daniel’s financial problems. However, sharing close quarters makes it difficult to keep less than platonic feelings on the down low.

The line between friends and lovers blurs during a late-night moment of weakness fueled by alcohol, leaving both men on uneven ground. Just when they think they have things worked out and might have a shot at something more than friendship, a sudden shared windfall provokes all new complications that could end more than the new physical side of their relationship.

Review:  Sweet, cute and fun story about two guys who’ve been falling in love since kindergarten. Both of these guys were adorable in their own way and were a great compliment to each other. I was rooting for them to open their eyes and realize how they both felt about the other from their first moments together.

Daniel is a big bear (sans the hair) with a huge heart and a soft and easy disposition. Meant for loving monogamy, he can’t understand why he’s unable to make his relationships last. The only relationship he’s been able to count on is the one he treasures with his best friend, Landon. So, of course, he’d never do anything to jeopardize their friendship.  No matter how much he would give to have Landon return the feelings he tries to deny.

Sweet, jaded Landon is a fierce little tiger who would do anything to protect Daniel. He’s given up on Daniel ever seeing him as more than a friend, he learned young to put away the dreams of things he can’t ever have. Landon will take Daniel any way he can have him and he knows deep down, he’s not good enough or Daniel would already be in love with him.

When the attraction that simmers between them finally combusts things get very sexy. Their new relationship keeps getting better and better as they find they can’t keep their hands off each other or go back to being platonic friends. They were hot together!

I enjoyed watching these guys together first as friends and then as lovers. They’re funny, sarcastic, sweet, and always taking care of each other. These guys prove the ‘friends make the best lovers’ adage all over the place.

While there are quite a few typos, as is to be expected with a self-published book, they don’t detract from a fun little tale of two men who’ve taken care of and supported each other their whole lives and what happens when fortune smiles as life throws them some curveballs. A fast and enjoyable read that had me smiling.

Reviewed by Nina


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