Lonely As God

Lonely As GodTitle:  Lonely As God

Author:  Dale Chase

Publisher:  Wilde City Press

Rating:  A List:  Marilyn   marilyn a

Blurb:  For young drover Tom Seeley, the Chisholm Trail is a lonely damn place, which hardly seems possible among eighteen men and two thousand head of cattle. It’s while guarding the stock at night that second man Jack Dawe quotes a snip of poetry to reveal himself a like-minded man. Suddenly, under that big empty night sky, the loneliness starts to disappear.
When you’re out on the trail, sometimes you ain’t got no choice but to find love in the arms of another man just to stop yourself being lonely as God.

Review:  I think that many people in the world miss out on some truly incredible stories because all they see is a short story. Why spend 2 bucks on 54 pages when I can spend 5 bucks on 300? And I get that. I do. But if you skip over this book you’ll be sorry, because it was a spectacular 54 pages.

Lonely as God is not an easy story to read. First, it’s a historical m/m romance, a rare breed. Second, it’s very dirty. But I couldn’t stop reading. Not for a single second. And when the story ended I just sat there for minute. Holy hell, did I just read that? And then a big smile spread across my face as I felt every ounce of bad ass come up. Oh hell yeah I just read that.

Tom is a drover running cattle. He is a tough young man on the plains, making a hard living. He enjoys the pleasures found between men. Tom, along with some of his cowboy friends, enjoy themselves all the way up from Texas to Abilene. A casual conversation between him and the Second, Jack speaks profoundly to the loneliness inside of him. The place that keeps him feeling alone even when surrounded by men. Tom is smitten and he begins to watch Jack.

Jack is a different breed of man. He is still one hard ass cowboy, running cattle and pushing men to do their job, but their is something that draws Tom in. Maybe it’s the fact that Jack reads. Or maybe it’s the fact that Jack doesn’t have to say a lot to mean a lot. Or maybe it’s Jack’s fine body to go with that fine mind. But Tom can’t get enough.

And when Jack sets Tom in his sights. Watch out. 54 pages and you will sweat, swear, smile, laugh, gasp, fan yourself, and hope that it never ends.

Reviewed by Beans

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