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StrandedTitle:  Stranded

Author:  Andrew Grey

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Rating:  B+

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love

Blurb:  Kendall Monroe is handcuffed to a car in the desert.

Is this life imitating art or art imitating life? The only thing he’s sure of is that the situation he finds himself in is a copy of a scene he filmed earlier, only this time, there is no director yelling “cut” and no crew to rescue him. Terrified for his life, Kendall takes comfort remembering happier times with his longtime lover, Johnny. He hasn’t seen Johnny in weeks since Johnny stayed behind to finish his latest best-selling novel.

As he attempts to survive scorching-hot days and freezing nights, Kendall tries to figure out who did this to him. Could it be Johnny, or the research assistant he suspects Johnny is having an affair with? Both options fill him with bitterness. Or is it a more likely suspect? Kendall has a stalker who sends him flowers and always seems to know where he is. But what does this stranger have to gain by leaving Kendall stranded in the middle of nowhere?

Review:  I always enjoy Andrew Grey, his books are fun, sensitive and don’t have a lot of unnecessary angst. I was expecting to enjoy this book and even though I had read the title and the blurb, I was happily surprised by how complex this book was.

Flashbacks are always tricky to write and keep the sense of place, time and forward momentum in the story. Oftentimes the reader finds themselves confused or bogged down with too much information. Andrew Grey wrote them seamlessly. We journeyed throughout Kendall’s life with Johnny from their first moments to the decision to commit and beyond. As their passion slowly waned I found myself saddened and hopeful for them.

There was an element of fear and pain to Kendall’s story that began long before he found himself stranded. While there were physical elements to this story, so much of the journey was psychological, even when Kendall is trapped much of his pain is mental.

His love for Johnny is still intense and lasting, he just isn’t sure that Johnny still feels the same way.

Even though there is a lot of the story that Kendall and Johnny are living on separate coasts and both leading busy lives I felt that I came to know and care for Johnny through Kendall’s memories that tell their story.

A great story of how time passes and people allow their relationship to settle into routine and they lose their appreciation for their partner. This doesn’t mean that they are no longer deeply in love, sometimes they just need a reminder.

There was a rhythm of rise and plateau repeated throughout this story. It allowed me to catch my breath as I watched Mr. Grey slowly ratchet up the tension once again.

Reviewed by Nina


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