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And So It Begins (Prince and Trader: Book 1)

AndSoItBeginsTitle:  And So It Begins (Prince and Trader: Book One)

Author:  R.G. Green

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Rating:  C+

Triple Shot of Yum

Triple Shot of Yum

Blurb:  Prince and Trader: Book I

For hundreds of years, the kingdom of Llarien has maintained a defense against the barbarians. Now, activity at the border draws attention from Kherin Rhylle, the less-favored younger son of the king. Kherin suspects a deeper purpose behind the attacks, but his father refuses to grant permission to travel to the border, despite Kherin’s obligated tenure as a Defender. Not even unprecedented deaths or the serious injury of Kherin’s brother, the crown prince, can change the king’s mind.

Then Derek Resh, kingdom trader and Kherin’s closest friend, convinces the king to allow Kherin to travel with him, and an unexpected journey to the border proves the threat real—while an unexpected intimacy with Derek makes Kherin realize that his feelings go deeper than the friendship they have shared for most of his life. But even that turns devastating, as Derek won’t pursue anything more intimate when the king’s disapproval is certain.

Grasping at straws, Kherin is caught between a danger he doesn’t understand and the desire for a deeper relationship he can’t have. And then there’s the magic that threatens to return after being banished hundreds of years ago….

Review:  Everyone always thinks they want to be royalty, but as Kherin proved in the first installment of this fantasy epic, it is a very beautifully decorated tiny box.

As the second son Kherin has little freedom and even less respect from his father. All he wants is to prove his father wrong about the man he is and to spend more time with his best friend, Derek. I understood his frustration at feeling like the screw up kid. He just wanted to help and maybe save the day.

When the feelings that he had suppressed for his best friend come out and he realized that Derek felt the same he was overjoyed. Until Derek told him that they can’t be together. I felt so badly for poor Kherin, he was the underdog in so many ways. He was a little spoiled and immature, but his heart was in the right place.

I never could figure out why it would be so bad for him to be with Derek. It seemed pretty obvious that his father wasn’t going to get a advantageous arranged marriage out of Kherin. Derek was a steadying influence on him and he made him really happy.

Derek had the patience of a saint. The story is told exclusively from Kherin’s perspective, which isn’t always as reliable as it could be. There was an element of mystery and intrigue that surrounded Derek. He was much more than he let on and the brief glimpses of that ‘more’ made him a much more interesting character.

I enjoyed the relationship between the brothers. I was glad that Kherin had Adrien in his corner, who saw him as more than a screw up or a partier. It was hard watching Adrien suffer from the wounds the Northerners had inflicted. Of course Kherin would want to help his big brother.

Things look very dark as our story closes and we await the second book. I can’t help hoping that these two men find a way through this mess and are able to convince a king that a prince should be allowed to live in love with a trader.

Reviewed by Nina


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