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Wolf at the Door

WolfAtTheDoor-Title:  Wolf at the Door

Author:  K. Drew

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press


Double Shot of Blah

Double Shot of Blah

Blurb:  For Nicholas Ashbee, life has been a struggle. Growing up in the desolate town of Constance left him bitter and resentful, craving a more engaging life. While training to be a nurse, he is lucky enough to land a plush internship at luxurious Blackwood Manor on Staten Island, home to the wealthy patrons of his college. Nicholas is in charge of caring for Lilith, the sweet and aging matriarch of the Blackwood family who is slowly dying from a mysterious ailment. Nicholas must also deal with her brooding young husband, Sebastian, whose stunning beauty immediately captures Nicholas’s attention.

However, there’s something odd about the inhabitants of this remote manor hiding from the outside world, and Nicholas becomes increasingly suspicious of the Blackwoods when a young man from the neighboring area goes missing after being seen with Sebastian. Perhaps the Blackwoods are not the loving couple they pretend to be and their respectable life is merely a façade masking an ugly secret. Will Nicholas’s undeniable lust for Sebastian place him in danger, and will he discover the truth about his employers before he falls prey to the wolf at the door?

Review:  I was a little surprised by this one. It’s a lot darker and more violent than the blurb would suggest. A gothic style horror with a lot more gore than I was expecting. It’s not for the sensitive or faint of stomach.

The writing was strong and the author created a very real sense of menace and impending doom. It became a little too drawn out for me. I kept waiting for something to happen and waiting and waiting. Then it all started to happen at once. I was shocked at how violent it became both in the telling and on the page.

Nicholas had been twisted by his life and the isolation and stress of his time at Blackwood manor completed his transition into a man without purpose or morals. Much of the book is spent in his musings of his past, of his ambition, of his wanderings through the mansion. The tension is mainly built in his slip further into isolation and withdrawal from reality.

My major complaint, other than the lack of warning by the blurb or tags for this book, was that there was no real basis for the love between Nicholas and Sebastian. They went from an antagonistic relationship with very little contact, had a few brief relatively pleasant encounters, to declarations of eternal love. It had no foundation and therefore, for me, made the ending seem implausible.

This one will stay with you. I was a little angry when I finished this book. I was horrified and disgusted and creeped out. I had to wait a while before I could talk about it reasonably. I don’t want to read it again. It was a well written psychological horror novel. It is one of those stories that you like more with distance and after it has settled.

Reviewed by Nina


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