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Find A Way (Prince and Trader: Book Two)

FindaWayTitle:  Find A Way (Prince and Trader: Book Two)

Author:  R.G. Green

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Rating:  C+

Triple Shot of Yum

Triple Shot of Yum

Blurb:  Prince and Trader: Book II
Sequel to And So It Begins

Passion has blossomed from the lifelong friendship between Kherin Rylle, the second prince of Llarien, and Derek Resh, a trader employed by the crown. But left on his own in the border city of Gravlorn, Kherin soon draws the anger of the Defenders and his own brother as charges of cowardice and treason are thrown at his feet. Meanwhile, the increasingly dangerous attacks of the northerners bring more than the threat of war to Llarien’s border. Rumors of an ancient northern magic promise a danger far greater than war, and Kherin can’t say the rumors aren’t true.

Only now he has to learn the truth on his own.

Derek left Gravlorn in search of answers for the unexpected happenings at the border, and although Kherin is determined to keep what they found together, growing tensions, hidden jealousies, and unforeseen revelations about the northern lands threaten to take away everything he has worked to gain. As the border grows more dangerous, Kherin faces the reality that courage and honor may not be enough to end the northern threat, and love may not be enough for Derek and Kherin to find happiness.

Review:  The boys are back and we are hoping that they can somehow make a happy ending for themselves. Poor Kherin is left, alone, trying to figure out what is really happening, not knowing who he can trust and racing against the clock to save Adrien.

Adrien’s illness is scary and painful, I felt so bad for him and for Kherin who had to helplessly watch his agony. I started to feel the pressure to solve the mystery behind his illness and find the cure.

The stubborn attitudes and plain laziness that Kherin kept running into as he was trying to save his people was frustrating. It was crazy that so few were willing to truly help him. It becomes more difficult to know who he can trust and who might have ulterior motives and hidden loyalties.  The elements of betrayal and revenge were sad.

Derek was amazingly stubborn about being with Kherin, but he is slowly wearing him down. It is hard to fight against both the man you love and yourself, it is obvious that they are both deeply in love and have been for a long time.

Things have become more complicated and it looks like the war with the North is back on and they have some surprises for our poor heroes. There really is no way to fight against the magic that they now seem to posses. The magic that is slowly and painfully killing Prince Adrien.

Kherin has to figure a way out for all of them. Unfortunately he doesn’t know who he can trust and he is running out of time and hope. All he needs to do is stop a war, save his brother and his kingdom, convince his father that he is a responsible adult who can choose his own spouse and convince Derek that they belong together.

I was so glad to finally get my questions answered. These boys were sweet and complicated and had to do a lot of growing up. They deserved to survive all of the craziness and find their happy endings.

Reviewed by Nina


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