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Left on St. Truth-be-Well

LeftonStTruthbeWellTitle:  Left on St. Truth-be-Well

Author:  Amy Lane

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Rating:  A List

Up All Night Satisfaction

Up All Night Satisfaction

Blurb:  Carson O’Shaughnessy has one task: track down his boss’s flighty nephew, Stassy, and return the kid to Chicago. Then Carson can go back to waiting tables and being productively bitter about his life. He didn’t count on finding a dead body in Stassy’s bed, and he certainly didn’t count on the guy in the flip-flops and cutoffs at the local café helping him get to the bottom of the crime.

But Dale Arden is no ordinary surfing burnout—he’s actually a pretty sharp guy with a seductive voice and a bossy streak wider than the Florida panhandle. When he decides to boss Carson right into his bed, Carson realizes Stassy’s not the only one who’s been lost. Carson likes to think he’s got his life all figured out, that sex with guys is your basic broom-closet transaction; he may just have to revise his priorities, because nobody plans on taking a left at St. Truth-be-Well and finding love at the Bates Parrot Hotel.


Beans:  Dale is living his life the way he wants. He isn’t unhappy but he knows that he has paid the price of a strained relationship with his family for the choices he has made. He is a tough young man trying to find peace and satisfaction in his life, one wave at a time. He is brilliant, bossy and he made me want to listen to every word that came out of his mouth.

Carson is not happy. He is not happy to be in Florida searching for his boss’s nephew and he is not happy with his life in general. His only happiness is when he is on the stage as a stand up comedian. He just wants to get this trip over with before his life takes another turn for the worse. Carson is special. He hides too much and wants to be brave but struggles to find the balance between risk and reward.

At this point I want to say that the hotel in this book gave me nightmares. I loved how completely insane it was. I saw that hotel in my head, and fear it will haunt me forever. I didn’t expect the twist at the end. I was completely smitten with Dale and Carson. Even the runaway Stassy turned out to be more than meets the eye.

Everything about this story is incredibly good. I know you think Amy Lane equals a swimming pool full of angst. But this book is not pain, but gut deep satisfaction.

Nina:  I love Amy Lane. This book cracked me up. This book made me tear up. I loved these guys and their dynamic so much. This story was filled with these poignant moments that just made me smile and sigh.

Carson was such a sweetheart. He had me laughing and smiling through the whole book. He presented a tough and urban face to the world that hid so much, I loved discovering each new layer. He had so much more going on than what showed on the surface, he thought about things and wanted more than he allowed even himself to see. Carson wanted to be tough and while he was street smart and possessed his own brand of wisdom, he was also a little lost and in need of a guiding hand.

Dale was an awesome guiding hand. He was an addictive combination of mellow surfer dude, tender lover, and immovable top. He understood Carson and was more than willing to be the man that he needed. He was funny, sweet, caring, dominant, patient, possessive, intelligent and strong. He had his own share of hurt and need, but he always put Carson first. He knew who he was and was confident of where he belonged and what he wanted. He was so sexy!

There was a bit of a mystery and sleuthing that the boys had to do. There were some crazy things going on and I cringed at the situation at the Bates Parrot Motel. I enjoyed the tension and resolution of the mystery. The development of the relationship between Carson and Dale was beautiful. They understood and enjoyed who the other man was, plus they made each other laugh, all the time. They were perfect together.

This was a delightful read. The intelligence and emotional quotient that we have come to expect from Amy Lane while being a lighter, easier, and less angsty story.


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