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Out of the Woods

coverv2Title:  Out of the Woods

Author:  Amelia Bishop

Publisher:  Amelia Bishop

Rating:  B List

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love

Blurb:  What if you made a terrible mistake? One that not only ruined your own life, but harmed your friends and family, and even your community? How could you ever recover? How would you live with the guilt?

Jackson hid. Deep in the forest, never intending to re-join society. Until the day Harrison, a geeky botanist, bumbles into his woods hunting for mushrooms.When Harrison needs Jackson’s help, the men form a fast friendship. As their relationship grows more serious, they each see in the other a chance for real happiness.

But Jackson’s past mistakes are not easily overcome, and it will take all of Harrison’s love and patience for them to find a happy ending.

Review:  This was a sweet and enjoyable novella. It was surprisingly tense at times, with a lot more depth than I was expecting.

Jackson was such a sweetheart, so broken and sad. He wore his heart on his sleeve and had a hard time coping with his strong sense of guilt and shame. He paid a high price for his mistake and it was time for him to stop punishing himself. I was so proud of him for how brave he was and what he was willing to do and overcome to be with Harrison. He had a lot more strength than he gave himself credit for. He was a good man and I was glad that he finally found some peace, thanks to Harrison.

Harrison was such a cutie! He was the hottest kind of nerd, brainy and sweet, but with steel in his spine that allowed him to help Jackson find his way out of his darkness. I loved his loyalty and patience, not everyone would be willing to take on someone with all of Jackson’s issues no matter how sexy they found them.

A fast and well written read. While there was a little too much tell, I enjoyed my time with these boys and the twists and turns that their lives took together. I will be looking for more from this author.

Reviewed by Nina


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