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Sui Lynn Interview

You guys are going to love who we have with us today. THE wonderful, talented, sweet and amazing Sui Lynn. She is going to answer some questions about her Changing Moon series and some other things we’ve always wanted to know about her.

Let’s put our hands together as we sip our mug of steaming quad shot latte and spend some time getting to know one of everyone’s favorite authors. Without further ado. We give you…Sui Lynn!

1. How did you find Lance & Andrew and their story?

This is a story that I’ve been working on for a number of years. It originally began it’s life as a m/f short story, when I was in High School in the late 1980’s. But it just didn’t work and the characters weren’t speaking to me. So I put it away and didn’t touch it for about 20 years. About 10 years ago, I began my love affair with M/M stories and as I read more, I began to write my own. Then one day I found the old short story I’d begun in high school. Lance and Andrew practically leapt off the pages as I cut out 90 percent of the original story and these the love affair between these two, originally written as uninvolved secondary characters, burst to life. The more I thought about them, the more they told me about their life and what was happening between them and the more the series has grown.

2. You write such a wonderful family in this series, are any of them based on people you know?

Yes and no. The characters in Andrew’s family aren’t modeled after anyone specific in my family. I did try to instill the love in my own family, the support and core beliefs I grew up with, into Andrew’s family.

3. How many books do you think there will be in this series? And are you thinking that any of the other characters will get their own books?

Right now, I foresee 6 books in this series with the possibility of a book telling Lance’s Mom’s story. I also have to admit I have a serious soft spot for Stephon and although it is just an idea in the back of my mind, I suspect at some point I may be telling his story.

4. What drew you to writing M/M stories? Do you write in any other genres?

I began writing M/M stories because I got into an argument with a good friend. I’ve always written stories of all kinds, but my main love had been paranormal and fantasy stories. After my introduction to M/M via Japanese, Chinese and Korean Yaoi manga’s, I was discussing the merits of women writing these stories with my friend. She told me that she didn’t believe a woman could adequately write M/M realistically because it wasn’t something we could experience. My defense was that for her theory to hold, the only way Steven King could adequately write horror would be to have experienced life as a serial killer. We ended our argument with her betting me I couldn’t become published as an M/M author. Nine months later I had my first contemporary M/M story release with Dreamspinner,  Blue Rose.

5. What are you favorite kind of scenes to write? Your least favorite?

I enjoy writing dialog. I can hear my characters speaking, their often sarcastic comments, the humor they find in themselves as they tell me their story, and the fun even in the sometimes gross descriptions they give me for the events they are experiencing. (Yes, like many authors my characters live for me and when I talk about them, I start to sound like I have multiple personality disorder.)

6. Do you have any hobbies?

Who has time for hobbies! I’m writing whenever I’m not working. Lol. I used to crochet, do counted cross-stitch, play piano, and enjoy the outdoors any chance I get.

7. If you could surround yourself in any color what would it be? Why?

There really isn’t one color I’d surround myself with over another. The problem is that my answer changes with my mood. Today, I could use a deep dark blue, cause I’m tired and would love to just sink into the color and take a nice peaceful nap. But my favorite color is purple.

8. Who are your favorite authors? Favorite books?

My favorite authors are Anne McCaffrey, “The White Dragon” and “The MasterHarper of Pern”,  Also I adore the humor of Piers Anthony and his Xanth series, as well as “On a Pale Horse” from his Incarnations of Immortality series.

9. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? How long would you stay?

I would travel down under to Australia and New Zealand. I have friends who live in Australia and I’d love to visit them. I think I could easily spend a couple of years getting to know the country, the animals and the wonderful people.

10. Do you have a music playlist for these books you’d be willing to share with us?

I write with music on usually and at one time I did have a playlist for this book, but it no longer applies because each time I work on it, it changes.

11. Where do you get most of your inspiration for your writing from?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. TV, people, random comments, dreams, the look of clouds on a sunny day, the way leaves fall from the trees as a gust of wind hits them. There is wonder everywhere in the world. It’s just a matter of whether or not we take the time to notice everything around us. Even in a dingy, dirty alley with unmentionable trash scattered about and blowing on a sour wind, there’s inspiration.

12. Do you have a favorite book or character in your stories?

I love all the characters in my books, including the villains (some more than others… but don’t tell them, they are my children and you aren’t supposed to have favorites.)

13. Are you more like Lance or Andrew? Do you find one easier to write than the other? Why did you choose to tell the stories from Lance’s POV?

I don’t think I’m all that much like either Lance or Andrew, although if I had to choose one, I’d say I’m more like Lance with his sarcastic sense of humor and not so great self-esteem.

I don’t think that either one of them is any easier to write than the other.

I chose to write this story from Lance’s POV because he truly is coming into this world as ignorantly as the reader. So even though you are getting mainly his take on things, I believe the reader can easily see identify with him and is learning right along with Lance.

14. Do you believe in love at first site?

Not really. I believe in lust at first sight and love shortly after. Lol I don’t think love is instantaneous. It is my belief that you have to know something about the person before you can truly love them. But lust at first sight is a very strong emotion as well and a great motivator.

15. Do you believe in HEA? Do you ever write stories that don’t have a HEA?

I do believe in Happily Ever After. Not that life doesn’t have its ups and downs, but I do believe people are designed to live a happy life. Now whether we do what we need to do in order to live that life is truly up to us. So I try to offer my characters those life changing choices, allow them to make mistakes and see where it takes them. But ultimately they tend to get their HEA or at least HEA for now.

Personally I use reading as an escape from reality and as an escape, I like it to end well for the characters so I can come away with a satisfying sense of rightness. I hope that is how my books make people feel. Like they’ve gotten away from their lives and immersed themselves in the lives of others for a little while and came away with a feeling of everything is alright for now.

16. Beer, wine, rum or a big mug of coffee, what is your favorite poison?


17. These guys change into several different types of animals, if you could shift what form would you want to take?

LOL, I think this is why my guys can choose to be multiple forms. I could never decide what I would want to become as there are so many wonderful animals in the world and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. I really do love them all and so since I couldn’t decide I thought why limit them. They are shifters, that is their nature to change into other forms. It only seemed right that they should be able to be anything they want.

18. When did you know that you wanted to write? Is it a want to or a need to when it comes to writing for you?

I think I was a writer before I even really knew what it was. My Mom has a small book that is about 3 inches square and about 5 pages long. I made it in kindergarten when I was 4 or 5 years old. I drew pictures for her and the teacher glued it into a binding and covered it with cloth. Mom tells me that I used to have a story that went along with each picture. Of course it’s been so many years ago now that nobody remembers what the story was but that was my start in writing.

19. Do you have any other passions you’d like to talk about with us?

The only thing I can say is a passion, is more of a wish for the future. Humanity as a whole is a very aggressive slow witted beast and truly I wish that it had a little more compassion and understanding for what we don’t know. We lash out at things that are different from ourselves much quicker than we show curiosity or even logic. I’m sure this defense, to be aggressive with the unknown, has served us well in climbing to the top of the evolutionary food chain. But I do believe that the time has come for us to let some of that aggression move to the background of the picture and take a more understanding and compromising approach to our neighbor and the world around us as a whole.

20. What is your very most favorite thing in the world? I think this question and the question about my favorite poison are the same thingChocolate. J


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