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Zipper Fall

ZipperFallTitle:  Zipper Fall

Author:  Kate Pavelle

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Length:  330 pages

Rating:  C List

Triple Shot of Yum

Triple Shot of Yum

Blurb:  A Steel City Story

Wyatt Gaudens, an advertising executive and adrenaline junkie, has fine-tuned the art of breaking and entering into apartments, misusing his considerable rock climbing skills. Once inside, he steals a pretty, shiny thing or two. When his friend Reyna complains that her jerk of a boss makes her workplace a living hell, he breaks into her boss’s home to get even. More than any other pretty thing, what really catches his eye the most is her boss, Jack.

Working hard to overcome his own lingering problems, investment specialist Jack Azzuri focuses on his second chance at making his business grow. But grief for his sister, Celia, recently killed in a suspicious climbing accident, sabotages his attempt to start over. When he meets Wyatt, he’s strongly attracted even though Wyatt is the last person he should associate with. With Jack’s explosive temper and Wyatt’s adrenaline addiction, the path to a stable relationship will be a tough climb. They might succeed if they can sort out what really matters, as well as learn to take the good with the bad. Wyatt hopes to speed their progress by solving the mystery that’s weighing Jack down: how did Celia really die?

Review:  A murder mystery romance filled with suspense, adventure and obsessions. An action packed adrenaline fused story with good fun secondary characters.

Wyatt is daring, reckless, flamboyant and flirty, but has a sensitive cautious side to him. Wyatt is likeable and cute and tough where it counts. He has a reject button that he uses to repel any possible threat of hurt and loss heading his way. Wyatt is young but has already experienced enough loss and detachment to warrant a strong sense self protection emotionally. I wasn’t surprised how quickly Wyatt fell for Jack. I felt it was all part of the danger, the chase and the intrigue to maintain Wyatt’s adrenaline fix. And as long as Wyatt stayed in control, he got just what he needed.

With Jack I kind of swung like a pendulum with my like and my dislike of him. He first appears aggressive and tense. He doesn’t give much away when it comes to his feelings of love for Wyatt, I felt Jack held back. Although his nature does soften towards Wyatt eventually, I felt Jack had trust issues, which lead him to panic. Jack fears for his emotions of heartache and loss as much as Wyatt, having had more than his fair share of both. Throughout the read Jack grew on me as I got to know and understand him, his reactions were a little over the top, but life had dealt him a bowl of sorrow and left him to dish it up with an implement of anger.

In spite of the eventful way that their relationship starts, with Wyatt stalking, bordering on obsessive and Jack tense and demanding, they are hot for each other. Wyatt and Jack find a connection and with gradual acceptance they lower their defences. But not for long as the mystery surrounding the death of Jack’s sister unravels emotions run high. With Jack’s intangible sadness and Wyatt’s need for an adrenaline fix, conflict develops between them. Jack ensues with a needy, overbearing and controlling attitude. Jack’s behaviour scares Wyatt and despite Wyatt’s feelings for Jack he starts to make plans of his own. Jack is in love with Wyatt, but can he redeem himself or has he gone too far this time?

I have given this book a C simply because I felt it was a little disorderly in places. But overall I did enjoy the read, the storyline was good. I liked the characters despite my love-hate relationship with them.

Reviewed by Teddy


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