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What Comes Next?

tali_commissionWhen I was at GayRomLit in Atlanta recently, readers of Thick as Thieves asked one question  more than any other: Am I writing a sequel?

Not only was I happy to tell them I am writing a new adventure for Vorgell and Madd, I asked for their thoughts on some of my ideas. That’s how Thick as Thieves was written, you see.

I’ve always enjoyed creating stories through interaction between storyteller and audience. I spun my very first stories as a teen while walking to and from high school with my sister, telling her the story and often continuing to tell it in our shared bedroom after lights were out. Whenever she asked “What comes next?” I knew the story was good. That’s how I started.

Thick as Thieves began life on my blog. I belong to a group called the Wednesday Briefers.

Every Wednesday member authors post one thousand words using that week’s prompts. My very first prompt upon joining the group was “unicorn, mandolin, some kind of plant”.

I decided to have fun with my thousand words, reached deep into my love of all things high fantasy, and wrote about a giant barbarian who kills a unicorn (he thought it was a deer), eats some berries, then screws himself with the unicorn’s horn. He then gets thrown into a cell with a small pretty witch who’s stolen a mandolin. Ta-da!

Actually, I kind of liked how that first chapter came together. It had potential. Readers thought so too. They enjoyed the humor and expressed how they wanted to see more. It was just like the old days with my sister. I had an audience! So I wrote more.

Every week I wrote a thousand more words about Vorgell and Madd’s adventure and readers started letting me know their thoughts. They hoped Vorgell would get his wish and screw Madd.

They wondered if Madd would ever let down his prickly guard and allow Vorgell in. The first 15,000 words of Thick as Thieves were born and readers were the inspiration. Every person who commented, by the way, received a free copy of the book.

I used to post entire books for free on my blog and other sites. I no longer do so because one, The Prince of Winds, was stolen and sold by someone as if they’d written it.

I got that book taken down, with help from my publisher, but I don’t post whole novels anymore. I ended the blog story after Vorgell and Madd’s first sex scene (readers deserved a good orgasm) and then I wrote 47,000 more words to give my characters the full adventure they—and readers—deserved.

photo (19)Along the way I added new characters, including Petal, the baby basilisk, who some readers  love to pieces. Blog readers never saw her. They have seen her in my
giveaways, though. I love giving away special items. My current blog giveaway includes a Petal shoulder basilisk like the one I gave to a fan at GRL.

It was so fun to see her wearing Petal just the way Vorgell would.

Because of how the book started, I get excited when readers want to talk about what comes next.

I love to see and hear their reactions when I tell them I’ve got an idea for how Vorgell succeeds in persuading Madd to let himself be screwed. Or if I say Petal is growing fast, and I’m thinking about giving her wings. Their enthusiasm makes me want to write it yesterday.

All stories spring from the question of what comes next.

ThickAsThieves If you want to get to know Tali Spencer better you can find her on  blog, Facebook, and Twitter. She loves talking to people about her stories and would love to hear from you.  If you prefer you can email her at tali.spencer1@gmail.com to talk about them.

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