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Sandstorm Heart (Space Files R: Book 2)

SandstormHeartTitle:  Sandstorm Heart

Author:  Liv Olteano

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Length:  118 pages

Rating:  A List    

Up All Night Satisfaction

Up All Night Satisfaction


Blurb:  Space Files R: Book 2

Ron Vid is a Celian soldier with some personal demons. Hoping for respite, he deserts his squad and leaves his planet. Working as a mercenary on Asai, planet of sand and wind, he has a reprieve, until the Haffa named Zaoh joins the mercenaries. Celians and Haffas have a history of strife, but when Ron and Zaoh are paired on a mission, their chemistry crackles. After they fight together for survival, it’s clear Zaoh wants Ron. Zaoh can be a fierce and dominant lover, but Ron’s secrets, and his fear that the Haffa might uncover them, could keep Zaoh from getting his man.

Review:  I didn’t know what to expect from this author and so I opened up this book with no expectations, and I’m glad I did. I loved this book! The setting quickly pulled me in and I was captivated by the harsh landscape, beautiful storyline and unique characters.

This isn’t a long book, but it is full of complicated characters and an intriguing world. The gang of mercs these two belong to are incredibly interesting with lots of dynamics that begged to be explored. Zaoh and Ron have a love/hate, lust/fight thing happening between them that keeps them both balancing on the  edge of disaster . Ron is overwhelmed with guilt from the secrets he is keeping from Zoah.

These two brutal men are living a life on the run, their well-being is dependant on trusting the person beside you. When there are deep secrets it makes for a beautiful tension. I couldn’t get enough of these men. They were both so different, but both warriors in their own way.

The dom/sub aspects of the story are perfectly placed and executed… not to mention, hot as hell.

A great read, full of the unexpected rough life of two men who are trying to not just survive, but live.

Reviewed by Beans


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