Santa Gets His Man

SantaGetsHisManTitle:  Santa Gets His Man

Author:  Julian Balfour

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Length:  47 pages


Already Forgot Single Shot

Already Forgot Single Shot

Blurb:  When Mark Wright is pressed into being a mall Santa on Christmas Eve, his life is changed forever. Six-year-old Trevor Robinson has his Uncle Jack in tow—the same man Mark had a crush on at Asheville High School fifteen years earlier. Jack tells Santa his Christmas fantasy: “… to spend the holiday with an incredible guy who turns me on and does all kinds of naughty and wonderful things to my body.” How can Santa resist that challenge?

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2013 Advent Calendar package “Heartwarming”.


Beans:  I expected more of DSP than to publish a book like this. This novella made me furious.

I wasn’t impressed by the writing, or the pace of the book to start out with. Mark wasn’t compelling or believable. He fought against being Santa and then hammed it up, ending up hitting on a random stranger, he thinks he might know, who makes a statement in front of his young nephew that is out of line.

The writing is distracting. There are an incredible amount of exclamation points in this story. It was very big and fast. I felt like I was shouted at for the back half of the story.

Then there is this scene. As I read it, I was reminded of those old 1930-40’s comics that depicted anyone of Asian descent as incredibly stupid, and mocked their culture. The whole scene was unbelievably offensive and racist. I was furious. I am furious. Unfortunately this has soured any chance I will ever read this author again.

It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t kind. It wasn’t appropriate.

Nina:  This one went off the rails with an unnecessary plot device that got bizarre.  I have no idea why someone would fulfill anyone’s erotic fantasy dressed up as a wizened old man of another race, face paint , bad accent and all.  I was even more surprised when the other guy went along with it and seemed to be having a great time.  I can’t imagine why anyone would think it was a good idea.  I like the idea of finally getting the attention of the hot guy you crushed on in high school and I would have liked to see that developed more.


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