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Feathers From the Sky

FeathersFromtheSkyTitle:  Feathers From the Sky

Author:  Posy Roberts

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Length:  71 pages

Rating:  B List

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love

Blurb:  Cal Thompson is going a little mad over the Christmas holiday, stuck in a tiny house with fourteen members of his immediate family. There’s no privacy and no boyfriend to help him cope—because Philip is still a secret, though not for long. Cal’s family knows he’s bisexual, but they’ve always assumed Cal would marry a woman and be fruitful and multiply. Just as he’s ready to set the record straight, his parents tell the family they’re selling the family house and tip this introvert’s world on edge.

Philip Sherman arrives at Cal’s family home to find his lover mourning the loss of his home, paralyzed by the abrupt and unexpected announcement that trumped his own. Though Philip takes the setback in stride, they won’t be able to avoid the calling of their hearts for long: Cal needs to reveal the truth of his relationship with Philip to his family, and Philip has a question he’s desperate to have answered.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2013 Advent Calendar package “Heartwarming”.


Beans:  I thought that Cal’s family was great. I understand a big family and the chaos that ensues when the holidays come around. It was hard for me reading such love and support to imagine them abandoning him when he came out of the closet with his long term lover.  The angst didn’t feel real because of that.

Phillip seemed like a wonderful man. A bit over indulgent and accepting of being kept a secret, for me. I love a good sappy romance but it might have even been a bit too much for me. It was cute and sweet and I enjoyed it overall.

Nina:  A very sweet and gentle coming out story.  Having already told his family years ago that he was bisexual it was a little surprising that Cal struggled with telling his family now about Philip, but who can explain the tangled skein of insecurity and fear that our family can bring out in us.

Cal and Philip were beautiful together. I would enjoy reading more of their story in a longer book. Maybe we will have the chance to travel with them sometime.


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