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Vacation From Hell

vacation from hellTitle:  Vacation From Hell (The D.C. Plummer Chronicles)

Author:  Drake Braxton

Publisher:  Seventh Window Publications

Rating:  B List

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love


Blurb:  Donovan C. Plummer has a problem, he’s too obsessed with his job as a journalist for the D.C. Herald to keep a man in his life. Eight months into his present relationship with Chet Michaels and Donovan’s job is already putting a strain on their relationship, so Donovan decides to take Chet away from everything and go on a seven day cruise. The only problem is that Donovan has a big story about to hit involving a conservative senator caught in a homosexual liaison, a story that brings death threats to Donovan via e-mail. It isn’t until the death threats follow Donovan and Chet on vacation that the perfect romantic getaway becomes the Vacation from Hell.

Get ready for the D.C. Plummer Chronicles!

Review:  Drake Braxton did a great job in this first book of the D.C. Plummer Series. Laying a solid foundation to build the rest of the series from here.

It gave me the opportunity to find a new author, and a new voice in the mystery sub-genre. Which requires a certain attention to detail and a very well plotted succession of events.

Mystery or suspense is not just about the secrecy of who is behind this or that event, it is also the little bits of information here and there that put together the whole plot.

I like a good mystery, and with Vacation from Hell we get that. It’s light, fast paced, interesting and even though there is a relationship mixed in with all the action, it’s not the main focus of the book.

Our journalist, Van, is way too obsessed with his job. Unfortunately he takes risks that affect those around him. Even if it is not his intention, people gets hurt as a consequence of his job.

In this first installment, we get to see Van and Chet, off on holidays, when they are kidnapped in Bermuda. It all comes back to a story Van wrote for the DC Herald, and what was supposed to be a couple’s holiday, sort of a make or break for the relationship, turns into a dangerous experience.

Chet, I really liked him from the start, but it felt like he gave up way too easily. I was invested in that relationship, but I guess Chet just wasn’t up to the challenge.

What follows when they finally get back home, is more investigation, putting the puzzle pieces together and more suspicious acts on Van´s part. Really Van, you should be totally thankful for your friends, gives a whole new meaning to the expression “take one for the team”

I enjoyed this book very much, if you like a murder mystery as much as I do, I recommend you give Drake Braxton a chance. It is not flawless, but I trust the author to improve along the way and deliver a very interesting series.

I am looking forward to seeing what´s in store for Van in the next installments of this new series.

Reviewed by Connie


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