The Scarlet Tide

ScarletTideTitle:  The Scarlet Tide  (A Duncan Andrews Thriller

Author:  Stephen Osborne

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Length:  200 pages

Rating:  B+  

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love

Blurb:  Sequel to Animal Instinct 
A Duncan Andrews Thriller 

Duncan Andrews, a private detective who specializes in paranormal cases, is back, along with his usual gang. Robbie Church, his boyfriend, is a ghost. Gina, a centuries old witch, is his best friend. And Daisy, Duncan’s bulldog, just happens to be a zombie. Odd man out seems to be Nick, a history teacher. He’s a normal, living human.

Duncan’s latest case leads him to a rock band in Indianapolis called The Scarlet Tide. It doesn’t take Duncan long to realize all of the band members are vampires. He sets out to destroy them, but runs into trouble with the charismatic leader of the band, Dominic Hunt. Duncan ends up under Hunt’s psychic control, and is forced to examine his relationships with Robbie and Nick, as well as his attraction for Hunt. Can Robbie and Gina help Duncan break Hunt’s psychic grip? Is there any hope the vampire can be destroyed once and for all?

Review:  These are great books. You really should read the first two stories before you read this one. Stephen Osborne does an excellent job of making you aware of the key elements of the previous stories without subjecting you to info dumps, but they are such good stories you deserve to get to know these people. They are too fun not to read.

Duncan cannot resist a hard luck story that involves the supernatural. He is really one of the few beings in his city that can handle these kinds of things and he and his amazing team are surprisingly resilient and successful.

Duncan is combination of big, tough outside and squishy, loving inside. Incredibly loyal, honest, resourceful and deeply in love with his ghost boyfriend. Their devotion and the pain of their limited relationship is touching. I love that both men are so open and honest with one another, there is never any doubt between them that they love each other. It isn’t easy and they struggle with some important issues, but they cannot seem to let go, not even death can keep them apart.

Robbie is beautiful. Frozen forever at such a young age, he is held in limbo by his connection to Duncan. He is clever and funny. I know that they grapple with whether he should stay with Duncan or move on to his afterlife, but I will sorely miss him if he does. The team, and the books, would not be the same without his exuberance.

Poor, sweet Nick. I love that he tries so hard, to be a friend to Duncan and Robbie, to be a part of the team, to fit into this strange new world he has been dropped into.

I adore the wise and powerful Gina. She has an edge to go with her earthy healing witchiness. It is very doubtful that Duncan would be able to survive his charge into danger methods without her healing powers, support and knowledge. It was sweet and a little nutty that she brought Daisy back for Duncan and Robbie. Daisy is great. She’s a fierce little guard dog and there is not a squirrel safe from her.

A fun, sarcastic, interesting and quirky detective series that I thoroughly enjoy.

Reviewed by Nina


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