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Family Ties

Family TiesTitle:  Family Ties

Author:  Hans Hirschi

Publisher:  Yaree AB

Length:  205 pages

Rating:  A List

Up All Night Satisfaction

Up All Night Satisfaction

Blurb:  The next 24 hours may be the most important in Sascha Meyer’s life. Returning with his husband and their twin boys to the village of his youth to bury his mother, he’ll confront more than feelings of grief and loss at her funeral. His strained relationship with his brother Mike, who is struggling in his own marriage, and the far-reaching influence of his late parents can’t be ignored any longer. While he finds his way as a husband, brother, and father, Sascha must uncover the courage to challenge the demons of his youth, while Mike must fight for his marriage. But what of Dan’s own secrets? Will they threaten to unravel the already fragile bond of Sascha’s growing family?

Hans Hirschi’s FAMILY TIES tackles the issues of non-traditional relationships, monogamy, parenthood, and family — the family we’re born into, and the family we choose to build. The intimate history weaved into the narrative brings the high stakes sharply into focus, allowing the reader to identify strongly with his rich characters and the complicated twisting road that has brought them to this critical point in their lives.

Review:  Two brothers Sashca and Mike brought together for the funeral of their mother. They live very separate lives with little communication between them. Their only common ground is they are both married with children and a family business that now requires attention. Through their grief and their own personal issues, can they regain that lost brotherly love, forgive and put the past behind them. Sascha and his husband, Dan are fathers to surrogate twins. Sascha holds back a secret from Dan, is he ready to share his painful past and strengthen his love and relationship with his husband?

What I liked about this book was that although Sascha is the main protagonist, there are plenty of other characters involved, who are integrated into the story well. All of the characters have personal issues of their own to overcome or live with, which have also had an impact on Sascha’s life. Watching the characters regard for one another alter, as their attitudes change when they grow a deeper understanding of each other. I didn’t feel overwhelmed by them, in fact, I would have liked to have read more. This novel features many aspects from denial to acceptance and fear to love, along with closure and new beginnings, all the elements that you’ll find within a diverse family.

This story also touches on the heartbreak of a family member with Alzheimer’s. Sascha shares some of the aspects of his bipolar disorder and the effect that plays in his life.

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