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Acts of Faith

ActsOfFaith72smTitle:  Acts of Faith  (Cost of Repairs, Book 4)

Author:  A.M. Arthur

Publisher:  Samhain Publishing

Rating:  B+

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love

Blurb:  Love can be built on a broken past…but not on broken trust.

Cost of Repairs, Book 4

Rey King has settled into his new life with Samuel Briggs, and his catering business has taken off to the point he’s brought a business partner on board. Yet something is missing. He’s still haunted by the pain of losing his daughter, Faith, in a custody battle six years ago.

Then, one month before Christmas, Faith’s grandmother passes away, and Rey gets a shocking offer he never saw coming.

Samuel knew loving Rey wouldn’t be easy, but then again he’s no walk in the park either. Still, for eighteen months they’ve thrived as a couple…until a shy seven-year-old girl shakes his belief that he and Rey can overcome anything.

Settling Faith into their chaotic lives would be a welcome challenge, if things weren’t complicated by Rey’s too-cute, overly attentive new business partner. As misunderstandings, miscommunications, and unresolved tensions escalate, Rey begins to wonder if the best Christmas gift of his life could cost him the man he loves.

Warning: Product contains one overprotective (and slightly jealous) police officer, an angsty chef whose heart is in the right place (even when his actions backfire), and an adorable little girl who turns their lives upside down. Added bonus—hot man-on-man action and the inappropriate use of a washing machine.

Review:  Having read the Cost of Repairs series from the beginning I was so excited to get the chance to catch up with our original couple Sam and Rey. They hold a special place in the series and my affections. This book was everything I hoped it would be.

Sam and Rey have settled into a happy life together and make a wonderful couple. A support to their friends, who have become family to them, and accepted in their community. They are great together and I loved seeing that they had found real happiness and contentment together.

Rey has never gotten over the loss of his relationship with his daughter, Faith, and it affects every part of his life. When he finally has the chance to have her in his life again he goes a little overboard with everything, including being overprotective and possessive. If he can’t learn to relax and allow Sam to parent by his side, he might just be losing something precious.

Sam’s jealousy over Rey’s new partner and the time that he spends at his business are things that he has to let go if they are going to make their love last. Both men have to take a hard look at their priorities and how they want their relationship and the life they have made together to be as they enter into a new stage in their lives.

I loved this installment in a series that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I can’t help wondering if we are going to be getting a certain business partner’s story soon. A wonderful series that should be read from the beginning and savored.

Reviewed by Nina


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