Newton’s Laws of Attraction

NewtonsLawsOfAttractionTitle:  Newton’s Laws of Attraction

Author:  M.J. O’Shea

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Length:  176 pages

Rating:  A List

Up All Night Satisfaction

Up All Night Satisfaction

Blurb:  Rory was Ben’s oldest and best friend until senior year of high school, when they confessed they’d harbored feelings for each other all along. They enjoyed only a few months of happiness until Ben chose closeted popularity over true love… and he’s regretted it ever since.

Eight years later, Ben is out and proud and teaching art at the same high school he graduated from. When he learns the chemistry teacher is retiring, he’s excited to meet her replacement until he finds out the brand new teacher is none other than Rory Newton—the first love he’s never quite gotten over. Despite a painfully awkward start, it doesn’t take Ben long to realize he’ll do whatever it takes to win Rory back. But it’s starting to look like even his best might not be enough.

Review: Now that most of you are buried under a pile of snow, this book will bring warm sunshine into your day.

When I finished reading my first thought was, “what a perfect summer/holiday read!”, of course I am reading it in summer 🙂

This book has one of the most perfect troupes nerd/jock, with a twist. Rory and Ben start as friends, best friends. The relationship changes as they grow and develops into a romantic relationship, where we think this two are going to stay together forever.

The beginning of this book, was my favorite part, seeing this boys turn into teens and discover their attraction for each other. Nothing better than sweet young love. Seeing their promises hoping it works that way for them, but knowing deep down that something could go wrong.

Eight years later, Ben is teaching art back at his old high-school, has new friends, no boyfriend to speak of and no Rory on sight. This is how we know that something indeed went wrong.

Until the start of a new school year, with a new Chemistry teacher…Rory.

Here is where the sexual tension kicks in, all those feelings, all the turmoil of emotions.

I honestly couldn’t put this book down, you know when you hate going to work more than you normally do? Because it gets in between you and your book? Well, that feeling.

Is clear from the start that Ben is still very much in love with Rory, even after all these years. Rory, on the other hand, seems hurt and he has all the reason to be, but there is something else there.

The author builds the sexual tension between these two MC, you can feel it off the pages.

It takes a while for everything to fall into place. But when it finally does…fireworks! I was cheering for them so hard, pure love fest.

Newton’s Laws of Attraction is a light read, with the right amount of angst. It´s well written, fast paced, sweet and very funny. The secondary characters are all around great guys, they help move the story along nicely.

And it is sexy. Hot, yes. But every moment they share once they are back on the “friends zone” is precious. The connection between them is not lost, it feels like 17 again with the experience and maturity those years apart gave them.

So, if you believe in giving love a second chance, get this book and let it warm your heart.

Reviewed by Connie


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