A Fool Among Fools

Fool among foolsTitle:  A Fool Among Fools

Author:  John Terracuso

Publisher:  Smashwords

Length:  375 pages

Rating: C+

Triple Shot of Yum

Triple Shot of Yum

Blurb:It’s 1986. Ronald Reagan is in the White House, Molly Ringwald is on the cover of Time and 29-year-old Michael Gregoretti is a struggling, underpaid copywriter at a big New York ad agency. He’d rather be writing plays; instead, he’s writing awful commercials for a moisturizer formulated to conquer that dire, life-threatening condition: handruff.

Michael reluctantly accepts an assignment on a brand-new (and very secret) product – an aerosol butter – hoping it will lead to the kind of work that will land him a better job at another agency. But there’s a catch: Working on this new account will also mean working for the rigid, compulsive and quite possibly insane Gwen Hammond, who thinks that Michael, with his off-the-wall ideas and unconventional campaigns, is just too much of a rebel to work with such a conservative client.

To further complicate life, Michael meets and falls for Craig Connolly, an absolute dreamboat from the South with a voice like FM radio and a face to match. Craig claims he’d like to be in a relationship and Michael wants to believe it. The problem is, Craig is already married – to his job.

Michael survives it all with the help of his two best friends: Irene Lucca, a witty book editor with a flair for vintage clothing and an eye for the art director Michael works with, and Anthony DeLorenzo, Michael’s wise (and wisecracking) roommate and staunchest supporter.

By the time A Fool Among Fools ends, Michael has battled stuffy clients and stifling supervisors, written and produced what just might be the worst commercials in the history of advertising, found and lost love, and managed to keep himself – and the reader – laughing along the way.

Review:  First of all I would like to thank the author for sharing his book with us. A Fool Among Fools is not your typical MM book, I can not categorize this book as romance, is not 100% non fiction either.

This book is almost an autobiography. The events told from Michael´s POV are about routine, about work, about everyday issues we all face.  And here lies one of the first things that got me thinking, I complain about my own boss everyday (or almost everyday) why would I want to read about someone else´s job problems and abusive bosses? Well, it will put your own office drama into perspective that’s for sure.

On that note it was very depressing, Michael doesn’t seem to be able to achieve his goals in life and is too scared to make a drastic change in his job to try something new. I guess we can all relate to that, one way or another.

Other than the huge amount of marketing and brand campaigns knowledge I got from Michael, his job and the main plot line of the book turn repetitive at times.

On the other side we have some brilliant scenes and moments in this book. Most of those moments revolved around Anthony, who I absolutely adored. Michael needed some serious help with his personal life too, and no one could do it better than BFF Anthony. He is funny, he is caring, the perfect companion to Michael´s drama.

Another secondary character that moved me, and was only there for a short appearance was Michael´s father, all the support and all the love Michael’s needs was right there. Not so much with his homophobic brother.  Michael´s interaction with his Dad got me all emotional.

Craig, the love interest. There is not much to say, even when Michael thinks he is in love, as a reader you don’t see it, don´t feel it. He cares for Craig as a friend would do, and Craig is just too self absorbed to care about anyone else but him and his job. Sadly, life will turn the tables on him and he might find that there are other things that are important in life.

This is definitely different. Good or bad different? I will leave that up to you. There is a lot of content in this book, slow development of events, not much romance and some moments of pure genius, that are worth the reading time.

There is a lesson I take away from this book, because if nothing else it will leave you thinking about your own life, how much we endure in order to achieve our dreams. How much we are capable of. And when we have finally had enough and need to say no.

Reviewed by Connie

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