No Quarter (Archangel Chronicles: Book 1)

NoQuarterTitle:  No Quarter  (Archangel Chronicles:  Book 1)

Author:  L.J. LaBarthe

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Length:  220 pages

Rating:  C List

Triple Shot of Yum

Triple Shot of Yum


Blurb:  Archangel Chronicles: Book One  

You would never know it from his flamboyant lifestyle, but Gabriel’s not just the cheerful, fun-loving adoptive father of a pair of indulged young adult humans. He’s an Archangel, commander of Heaven’s legions of Seraphim, and despite his apparently easy virtue, he’s harboring a serious crush on his superior officer, Michael.

For years Michael has devoted himself to developing a team of humans, the Venatores, to aid in the fight against Hell. He’s been pining after Gabriel for centuries without hope, believing himself to be too serious to attract the other Archangel’s interest. He’s happy to discover that he’s wrong, but their burgeoning relationship is stymied by a major problem: an egomaniacal human is recruiting demons and fallen angels in a bid to take over the world. It’s up to Michael and Gabriel, and the rest of the Brotherhood of Archangels, to beat back the forces of Hell before the Earth is overrun.

*2nd Edition

First Edition published by Dreamspinner Press, April 2012.

Review:  An interesting start to a promising series.  These are not the typical image of the archangels, this is a whole new take on some very classic and familiar themes.

Told chiefly from Gabriel’s perspective we get a fun and romantic view of a version of the history, powers, interests, battles and lives of the supernatural world.

At the beginning of the book there is what the author calls a Dramatis Personae that you will need to refer back to while reading.  It will explain the titles and relationships between some of the characters and you will find it very useful so mark it.

Gabriel is a warrior first.  He is also a loving father, passionate lover, loyal friend, and an angel of God.  He is complicated, arrogant, vain, silly, sarcastic and fun.  All of the restrictions that you are used to thinking of with angels do not exist here.  He does what he wants and he knows he looks good doing it.  He has a hot temper and is quite deadly to all who break the rules that he has been sworn to uphold.  he has a deep sense of honor and compassion.  He is also the type of man who takes in lost children and raises him as his own.

Michael is also a warrior, even older and more powerful than Gabriel.  He was created first and has the most responsibility and leadership.  He is shy, sweet, charming, compelling, innocent and oddly sheltered.  He is the type of person who never seems to become jaded or worldly but instead retains an air of naivete and sweetness, even as he thrusts his blade in a killing blow.  He is elegantly powerful and generous, compassionate, wise and a strong leader.

There are only ten archangels and they fill the pages of this book.  You have to pay attention because this series is just beginning and I think these guys are going to be getting more page time and more of their individual stories explored in future books.

There are several different types of angels and there is a definite structure to the hierarchies of both heaven and hell.  This is another area where you have to pay attention or you might get a little lost.

I found the alternate version of stories and history intriguing and fun.  I liked that there was so much possibility and while much of it was familiar there was enough of a spin to make things seem new and very different.  I look forward to seeing how things develop in the future books.

Reviewed by Nina


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