FireheartTitle:  Fireheart

Author:  Kay Ellis

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Length:  112 pages

Rating:  C+

Triple Shot of Yum

Triple Shot of Yum

Blurb:  In a world where magic is outlawed, Tylanovaar must hide his true identity. As a young prince about to be married, the last thing his people can find out is that he has the gift of fire in his veins.

But when he meets the man hired to turn him into a suitable heir for the throne, he’s forced to keep another secret.

Sully is an elite lawkeeper called a Rider. When a young man he meets by chance ends up being the Prince of Evolin, Sully becomes his tutor at the king’s request. Tylan fascinates him, and a journey to help Tylan learn to control his magic gives them time alone, but not enough. They take ever greater risks to be together until they are caught in Sully’s bed on Tylan’s wedding night, causing Tylan to lose the fragile hold he has over his gift.

Review:  This is a fun fantasy read.  Full of magic, secrets, illicit love, and teenage rebellion.

There were so many things that I really liked about this book.  It had so much potential to be a great book.  The issue that I had was that it was too short.  There were too many threads that were left open and the ending was abrupt and demands another book.

Sully is a Rider, this world’s version of an elite soldier/cop.  He eats, sleeps, parties, and sneaks in his sexual liaisons all while living alongside his fellow Riders.  While most of them turn a blind eye towards his flexible sexuality, relationships between men are frowned upon.  When Sully hooks up with a young man in a fast and furious moment of passion he doesn’t expect to ever see him again.

Tylan is a prince who has led a very sheltered and limited life.  His father is controlling and refuses to see anything that doesn’t go along with what he wants.  Tylan has become accustomed to hiding his true self from everyone around him so when he meets Sully, the first person who really sees him, falling in love is easy.  The problems come from a prince and a soldier trying to be together, add in the huge secret that Tylan is hiding and their chances at a happy ending look grim.

The only thing that kept this book from being either a YA or a coming of age story was that it was told from the older character’s point of view.

A fun and sexy story that has so much left to be told.  I enjoyed the characters as well as the adventure and magic aspects of this world.  I am excited to read the next book and see what happens to our beautiful prince and his soldier and all of the magic they will make together.

Reviewed by Nina


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