PaulieTitle:  Paulie

Author:  John Inman

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Length:  200 pages

Rating:  B List

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love


Blurb:  To the casual observer, Paulie Banks lives the perfect life. After all, he’s young, handsome, and rich. But Paulie has a secret. He’s madly in love with Ben, his old college roommate—and Ben is straight! Now Paulie has arranged a two-week reunion with his three closest friends to rehash their college years and get to know each other again. Jamie and Trevor are coming, along with their new lovers. And to Paulie’s amazement, even Ben has accepted his invitation.

Beautiful Ben. The one non-gay apple in the old college barrel. Paulie will soon find out if Ben has forgiven him for overstepping the bounds of friendship on the last drunken night they spent together.

With his La Jolla mansion spotless, a stunning new houseboy hired for the duration, and his heart pounding in both fear and anticipation, Paulie welcomes his old friends back into his life. Thanks to a whole lot of liquor and a clothing-optional dress code, boy, do the festivities begin!

Review:  Paulie is my second John Inman book, I enjoyed reading this just as much as I did Serenading Stanley. This read is full of copious amounts of fun and frolics along with great characters. Mr. Inman’s sense of humour floats my boat!

Paulie has been in love with his straight friend Ben since college. The last time they spent any time together, there was a fair bit of booze involved and Paulie is left feeling he over stepped the mark way too far. Paulie is likeable, he’s loaded but not snobby, a regular guy who happens to want for nothing very much, although having a little bit of Ben would make life perfect!

Paulie invites his three best college buddies Trevor, Jamie and Ben over for a two week reunion to stay at his Mansion. Paulie is pleasantly surprised when Ben accepts the invitation. Trevor and Jamie who had been in a relationship together in college have their new beau’s in tow. Paulie’s not sure how that little arrangement will work out, but he is more anxious regarding Ben’s arrival!

Paulie decides to hire a houseboy to attend to his guests needs, giving Paulie the freedom to relax, play and feel a little frustrated. The hired help Jefferey is gorgeous and goes down a treat with Paulie’s friends and lovers. Trevor and Jamie arrive with their boyfriends ahead of Ben, and so the party antics begin with plenty of sun, swimming and bed hopping, plus a splash of alcohol! Hammer the dog not so fortunate with the bed hopping, but certainly eats well.

When Ben finally arrives the party really gets going when he shares his secret with Paulie, easing Paulie’s frustrations perfectly.

An entertaining read, filled with hot guys with a little bit of romance and love thrown in, totally recommended.

Reviewed by Teddy

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