A Gay Romance

AGayRomance5Title:  A Gay Romance

Author:  Kyle Adams and Gina A. Rogers

Publisher:  MLR Press

Length:  218 pages

Rating:  A List

Up All Night Satisfaction

Up All Night Satisfaction

Blurb: All American Ram Rage is a dedicated officer of the law. He hates crooked cops, communicates in growls and loves his applesauce. But when the town heartthrob calls in a stiffie—pun intended, Ram is drawn into the web of a sadistic killer who is every gay man’s nightmare: a vagina. The investigation leads him on a wild chase involving a sassy retired stripper, a strange little town and, of course, crazy hot acrobatic stunts of an intense sexual nature with the gorgeous man at the center of it all.

To meet Kory Pleyes is to instantly fall in love. Literally. However, Kory has never returned those feelings until the moment sexy alpha cop Ram Rage comes barging, lights and sirens, into his life. Kory’s friends keep popping up dead, but it’s NBD and provides Kory with the excuse he needs to cling to the one man who doesn’t seem to mind that he’s a slow poke—this pun also intended. When the killer threatens the man he loves, will Kory be able to protect him with nothing but his average wits and incredible charm? Duh! It’s Homosapia, where anything gay is possible!

Review: You know all of those things in books that have you rolling your eyes, groaning, laughing at the absurdity, wanting to chuck your ereader, and that sometimes even force people to DNF a book? This book takes all of those silly cliches and makes a hilarious, sweet and silly story that had me chuckling, snorting and totally amused throughout. This book should not be taken seriously and will not be for everyone, but if you are one of those people who cringes and complains to your friends over the silly stupids, this is the book for you.

Ram Rage is so alpha male that he’s kind of a psycho. He growls, grunts, rages, hates everything that doesn’t fit his world view, and is completely obsessed with apple sauce.

Kory cannot even walk down the street without being propositioned and fawned over. Everything is easy and often free and he has no problem talking about how good looking, charming, and fortunate he is.

Kory is hiding a big secret and even though there are huge clues Ram, of course, completely misreads them. I adored what Kory’s secret ended up being.

Ram doesn’t do relationships or emotions and he isn’t looking for love, but no one can resist Kory and he is almost immediately smitten and becomes dominantly possessive. Of course everyone falls in love with Kory and throws themselves at him, so he must be on guard at all times.

The villains are over the top and the interactions are exaggerated and implausible. Kory acknowledges that he seems to have extreme luck that prevents anything bad from happening to him and makes him able to survive almost anything.

I had a lot of fun with all of the things that normally drive me insane in stories. I found myself looking for the next one and finding that they had managed to hit pretty much everything that drives me bananas.

One of the very best things about this story is that within all that fun and joking were some good characters and an appealing little romance, that had some smoking hot sex. Yep, the sex scenes managed to be hot and hilarious at the same time. I liked that they set some stereotypes on their ear even as they exploited others. Their friends and partners were so much fun and fleshed out their world. I am excited to read the next book in the series.

Reviewed by Nina


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