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Shoes & Ties (Shoes & Ties: Book 1)

jw_shoes_and_tiesTitle:  Shoes & Ties (Shoes & Ties: Book 1)

Author:  Jena Wade

Publisher:  Loose Id

Length:  111 pages

Rating: C List

Triple Shot of Yum

Triple Shot of Yum


Blurb:  Ashten Brody is a chef fresh out of college. He lands his dream job working as a personal chef to Trent Cole, local luxury hotel owner. As it turns out, Trent is also his dream man.

After working together, the two are unable to deny their attraction. One late night they can’t hold back any longer. Too bad Ashten rushes off soon after.

In the weeks that follow, it appears to Ashten that he has landed his dream man and his dream job. He and Trent appear to be on the path to a serious relationship and life-long happiness. Life seems to be just too perfect…


Review:  Shoes & Ties was cute. It’s an easy book, the one you pick up when you don’t want too much of anything in terms of plot complications, you just want to get lost in a book, read for the pleasure of reading. While there is room for some drama and some sexy times, I did enjoy this book.

They are immediately attracted to each other, but it is not insta-love. Which is great because I don’t like that at all. There is attraction but there is also caution. Both men are worried about what a relationship between them will mean to their work relationship.

Trent tries to stay away and be a distant boss. While Ashten does the same, just his job and nothing else. But they both know and acknowledge there is more to them than a employee/employer relationship.

I like the boys, they are sweet, cute. Unfortunately for my taste they are both still very much underdeveloped. There is so much that was left unsaid. There is a whole back story for both of them that wasn´t told.

I feel like it really needed all that extra “meat” to be a more powerful book. It´s still a good book, and has so much potential.

In my case, it was the setting of the book in particular that put me off. Because the whole millionaire falls in love with the help, well… it’s not a trope that I’m crazy about,  at all.

The story gets extra points for the sexy times. Sex is not gratuitous, it’s part of a relationship and works well emotionally.

Reviewed by Connie


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