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Brian’s Mate

BriansMateTitle:  Brian’s Mate

Author:  Hollis Shiloh

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Length:  158 pages

Rating:  C+

Triple Shot of Yum

Triple Shot of Yum

Blurb:  Brian is the alpha of the least impressive pack of wolves at the whole Moon Ceremony. When a human is discovered uninvited in their midst, he bonds with the man to save his life.

Luke doesn’t know about all this wolf stuff, but he’s starting to develop feelings for the gentle man who rescued him. Both Brian and Luke expect to quietly dissolve the bond later. But feelings intervene, and some bonds are not so easy to cast aside.

Building a life together as alphas will take love and hard work—especially when new wolves keep inviting themselves into their lives.

Review:  A sweet and simple love story with a lot of heart and family.

Brian is content as the alpha of a tiny pack.  Openly gay and a talented and successful artist he is content with his life, if a little lonely.  When he first meets Luke there is an attraction and Brian has no problem doing what he can to save him.  As Brian gets to know Luke, he falls fast and hard and quickly realizes that he needs to do everything he can to make their mating permanent.

Luke is skittish and scared.  His first experiences with shifters are frightening, and he isn’t sure what he should do.  The spark between the men is strong, and Luke can’t help wanting the kind and generous Brian in his life.  If he is going to make their mating something more than a long weekend, he will have to learn how to make his past an asset rather than allowing it to hold him back from the life that is waiting for him, if he only has the courage to reach for it.

There are several sweet, touching and even a few sad moments with the men and the family they create together.  It was nice watching Luke come out of his shell and gain confidence as they made their lives and grew their pack as mates.  There was an element of hope and acceptance to the story that I enjoyed.

Reviewed by Nina


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