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The Rusted Sword

unnamedTitle:  The Rusted Sword

Author:  R.D. Hero

Publisher:  Less Than Three Press

Length:  57 pages

Rating:  B List

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love


Blurb:  In his prime, Raleigh had snared the vicious fighter Moshe into marriage through a mutual game of push and pull. Ten years later, Raleigh suffers from a chronic knee injury and flagging confidence, while his bond with Moshe has eroded drastically.

During yet another domestic squabble, Raleigh learns that Moshe intends to leave their home to take part in a wintersword fighting tournament. Roused by a mix of broken pride and desperation, Raleigh chooses to attend as well—in what he believes is the last chance to win back Moshe’s devotion.

Review:  A bittersweet little gem. This one will only take you moments to read, but in those moments you will be pulled into a time of sword fights and lords, set in an alternate world where men marry men and two men fight to hold on to a love that’s grown for a lifetime.

What happens when you have a relationship that was created through mock battle, when every submission was earned through superior force and determination? What happens when the dominant partner is injured and can no longer physically demand submission from his lover? What happens when two soldiers stop communicating, stop listening, stop looking?

I loved these men and their passion and pain. Their struggles are ones we can all relate to. I enjoyed every moment with them and was hoping, fingers and toes crossed, the whole way through that it was all a misunderstanding and jealousy and everything would please be alright. There is sweetness and beauty mixed in with the ache. I loved every minute and made Beans read it too (she loved it!). Highly recommended short story.

Reviewed by Nina


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