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The Fall Guide

thefallguide400Title:  The Fall Guide

Author: Talya Andor

Publisher:  Less Than Three Press

Length:  250 pages

Rating:  B List

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love


Blurb:  Eric is a popular beauty blogger, and hopes to use the momentum of that to start his own business selling makeup for men—but his first attempt to launch makes it painfully clear he has a lot to learn and a long way to go. 

Unexpected help comes in the form of Devon: Gorgeous, successful, and far too smooth. He is everything Eric would like to be, all the things Eric is starting to fear he’ll never achieve, and the success that Eric is striving for in both his professional and personal life is jeopardized by Devon’s inability to understand that business and pleasure shouldn’t mix, because they can have disastrous results for both.


Review:   A fun, interesting and romantic book full of fashion, ambition, friendship and love.

This book surprised me. It surpassed my original expectations spectacularly and kept on being more and better as it went along.

When I first met Eric I thought him fabulous and entertaining, but judged him spoiled and shallow. I think a lot of people have done that with Eric his whole life. Maybe that’s a part of why that’s all he lets most people see. As I spent more time with him I began to see first some shading and then some layers. Until slowly by the time his story had finished, while he was still fabulous and entertaining, he was not my first judgement of him at all. 

If I’m honest I didn’t expect much from Devon in the beginning either. I kept waiting for him to be a jerk or screw up. I was right there with Eric, afraid Devon was too good to be true. Waiting for the sword to drop. But Devon was genuine. He ended up being a wonderful part of the book for me.

The supporting characters of friends and family added depth and background to the story. The relationships giving me insight into Eric and Devon’s lives and personalities. I loved their best friends. Everyone needs friends like that.

The development of Eric and Devon’s relationship was a treat to watch. While there was always sexual tension they started as friends and built from there. Making the relationship seem deeper and more than just the really hot sex. There are some seriously steamy scenes in this book. But there are also a lot of tender moments and a swathe of humor and true liking for one another. I loved the way they treated each other. 

I think I had a smile on my face throughout most of the book. Enjoying the antics of Eric and his best friend, Andrè as they bantered, watching Eric come into his own as a businessman and entrepreneur. It was great seeing him grow in confidence even as he dealt with the pitfalls of starting a business. And watching two beautiful men fall in love. The nuances of learning each other. First fights and makeup sex. They became so much more than that first meeting in Vegas. And I felt privileged to be able to share their journey with them. 

Reviewed by Nina


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