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GRL Day One

20141015_152627Last year during GayRomLit we told ourselves we were going to try and make it this year come hell or high airline rates.

20141015_142018 And we did.

Beans took off from her small PNW island at the insane time of 2am. Her airport shuttle was full of overly caffeinated and painfully chipper morning people all ready for an adventure…including her.

Connie traveled over 18 hours from the birthplace of the Argentine tango. Being a woman of the world it didn’t kill her and she arrived looking stunning and chic.

Nina packed her entire bedroom in prep for any and all weather eventualities. Which will not save her from freezing in the arctic weather conditions Beans insists on in their shared room.

Beans waited in anticipation for a huge Love Actually style airport reunion with Nina. Who had already passed Beans fumbling  with her phone and not wanting to interrupt, she walked past her and  texted her baggage claim number. Ruining the moment and breaking Beans’ heart forever.

It’s a big sigh of relief getting here and settled in. The hotel is huge with jungle landscapes, and waterfalls.

Nina and Beans had many adventures getting to the hotel, risking life and limb with their cab driver, and then discovering all the noo20141015_162623ks and crannies of the hotel after getting lost searching for their room. T.A. Chase was the first author they scared away, I mean met and talked to. Then they bumped into J.K. Hogan as she closed up shop with Wilde City Press and the book store.

Connie introduced us to her friend and roomie along with C.J. Anthony. They laughed and got to know each other more as we tried to find focus/stay awake.  Then they ran into Lex Chase and Charlie Cochet during dinner. After that they  booked the author reading with Lex Chase and signed up for the historical story board workshop! So incredibly excited about those.


They met  so many authors and saw many more, (most of the time freaking out when the authors walked by). True fangirling is happening. Are we a bit awkward and nervous meeting our author rock stars? Oh yes. Will we try and restrain ourselves tomorrow? No way.

Authors of GRL the girls of Gay Listed are on site and ready and willing to bask in your greatness, and get an autograph or two.








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