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Blue Mountain

bluemountainTitle:  Blue Mountain  (Pack: Book 1)

Author:  Cardeno C

Publisher:  The Romance Authors

Length:  110 pages

Rating:  B List

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love


Blurb:  Exiled by his pack as a teen, Omega wolf Simon Moorehead learns to bury his gentle nature in the interest of survival. When a hulking, rough-faced Alpha catches Simon on pack territory, he tries to escape what he’s sure will be imminent death. But instead of killing him, the Alpha takes Simon home.

A man of action, Mitch Grant uproots his life to support his brother in leading the Blue Mountain pack. Mitch lives on the periphery, quietly protecting everyone, but always alone. A mate is a dream come true for Mitch, and he won’t let little things like Simon’s rejections, attacks, and insults get in their way. With patience, seduction, and genuine care, Mitch will ride out the storm while Simon slays his own ghosts and Mitch’s loneliness.



Beans:  I love a good shifter story. Give me a bad ass alpha with attitude and beautiful men searching the world for their mate and I’m a happy camper. Cardeno C’s Mates series is everything, so I was really looking forward to seeing how CC develops a new shifter series that feels fresh and original from the other one. I was not disappointed. The Blue Mountain story is a fantastic start into this wolf shifter world.

Mitch is an Alpha with his brother, but unlike his brother is content living alone, helping the pack. He loves his family but doesn’t want the pressure of pack and rule. He has been hoping for a mate, waiting to see what fate would bring his way. 

What fate does is bring him a man in need of healing. Simon has been running for a long time and doesn’t trust easily. He is careful and just plain tired of running all the time. Simon is gentle by nature but has had to work hard to survive. 

What I loved was the interaction between these two men. Mitch is comfortable in his strength and position and he trusts and loves his brother. All he wants is a mate and home and he is patient enough to see that Simon needs time and space to heal.

Simon is wary of Mitch and pack and he won’t be a victim anymore. He takes the time given and together they find out if being mates is enough. 

The secondary characters of Mitch’s brother and wife were wonderful. They gave tremendous depth to Mitch and his past. There wasn’t much about the pack itself but I’m hoping we learn more about the pack as the series continues. 

I enjoyed this first installment of the Blue Mountain pack. It was a fantastic, quick read and one I have already reread several times.



Nina:  I enjoyed this book so much. It’s the first book in what is going to be a fantastic series. Blue Mountain is sensitive, sweet and loving. Full of family, drama and wolf shifters. Cardeno C has once again created a world that we will all want to visit, full of characters who we grow to care for and wish to know.

This is a novella so things have to happen quickly, but that does not take away from the character development or the sense of backstory and future promise. I really liked that the POV was shared between Mitch and Simon, it allowed me to understand each man better and connect to them. 

Mitch is such a big growly bear of a wolf. He is so physically large that he intimidates most everyone, but he is also quiet, kind and reserved. Mitch has a very strong connection to his wolf so he is very aware of smells and body language. He knows that Simon is his mate immediately. 

Simon is a mess when Mitch finds him. Fighting against his very nature to survive. His life has been very hard and dangerous, there is no trust left in him. Mitch has to be very patient and gentle with Simon. And Simon has to do one of the hardest things in the world – disregard every past experience and trauma and trust that this time he won’t be hurt. 

I loved the family dynamic and the close relationship between the brothers. They balance each other out and support one another no matter what. The interactions between them helped to give layers and insight into Mitch. 

Another great Cardeno C book. I can’t wait for the next stories in a wonderful new shifter series.



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