I Swear To You

SP_MC_ISweartoYou_coverMdTitle:  I Swear to You   (Missed Connections: Book 4)

Author:  Sloan Parker

Publisher:  Loose Id

Length:  120 pages

Rating:  B List

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love

Blurb:  When roommates Grady and Mateo give in to their growing lust, it’s the best sexual experience of their lives. But are they really gay? Is this just sex or something more? It takes time for confused Grady to figure that out, but once he does, he’s determined to have all of Mateo. Too bad tracking down brokenhearted Mateo proves impossible.

So what’s a horny gay virgin who wants only one man to do? Grady posts an ad online to encourage his friend out of hiding and into his bed. Once he gets Mateo between the sheets, he’s sure he can convince him that what they had together was no college experiment. But Mateo’s been hiding from something—or someone. Grady is determined to tear down all Mateo’s walls so he can find out what happened to him and help heal his wounds, and in the process show his best friend that he won’t run. Not this time. He swears.


Review:  A story of second chances and a love that could never be completely lost. 

Grady and Mateo were best friends their whole lives. They’d met as children and spent almost every day together, played hockey together and spent every free moment at Grady’s family’s lake house. When their relationship begins to take on a carnal aspect when they’re in college Grady panics and runs and Mateo is set adrift and vulnerable, without the family he had always considered his own.

Grady messed up, he was young and afraid and he made a choice born of fear and a lack of courage. And he hurt himself and Mateo terribly, and he hurt the women that he tried to deny his truth inside of false relationships with. Nothing worked to make Grady forget that he loved and needed Mateo. That they needed each other. 

Mateo’s own family situation was less than ideal, but it was okay because he had Grady and his family. He had his best friend to grow up with and when they began to explore things sexually he was so happy and in love. When he lost Grady he was lost and things went badly for him. When Grady starts to pursue him, publicly and boldly, he is shocked and afraid, and helpless to resist. 

I loved how Grady chased Mateo down and refused to allow him to deny his feelings. Mateo wanted to be with Grady, but he was afraid and he needed that decisiveness. He need the reassurance that Grady wouldn’t go back on his promises this time. That Mateo’s heart would be treasured and safe now that Grady was mature enough to handle his feelings and sexuality. 

Could a person find his soul mate at the age of six?

Yes, he guessed, he could.

He had. 

These men are so hot together you can feel the sparks between them. The chemistry between them is irresistible and when they meet again everything comes flooding back and they burn up the sheets.

When Mateo finally opens up enough to reveal his dangerous secrets, things become even more complicated. There are some perilous moments for the guys where things look pretty desperate, but their love is as strong as their desire to be together. 

I loved this sexy story. The men and their relationship were complicated and intense. There is a sinister mystery element as well that I enjoyed. While the story is short it packs an emotional punch that left me feeling very satisfied. 

Reviewed by Nina


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