Backwoods Asylum (Lost Shifter: Book 1)

PrintTitle:  Backwoods Asylum  (Lost Shifters: Book 1)

Author:  Megan Derr

Publisher:  Less Than Three Press

Length:  55 pages

Rating:  B List

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love

Blurb:  Skylar is used to the way people think of him as scary, mean, dangerous, and even evil. Snakes are not the most popular shifters around, and the fact he grew up wild doesn’t help. He knows the way he’s chosen to live alone in the woods only makes things worse, but he didn’t think it meant people thought him capable of killing a couple of wolf puppies. Determined to find the real monster who abandoned them, Skylar calls up the only wolf he knows, a man he always wished would see him as more than a snake …


Review:  A great different shifter novella about bravery, family, acceptance and overcoming whatever stands in the way of love.

Skylar is shy and sweet. Being a cottonmouth (or water moccasin if you live in that region) snake who lived in the wild in his shifted form until he was twelve, he tends to avoid confrontation unless provoked to fight. And then he’ll kick your ass and end it. He has a hard time with crowds and lots of strangers. Most other shifters are afraid or freaked out by reptile shifters, which has added to his discomfort around others. Add in the mistrust that most have for what they call “lost shifters” and as soon as he had the chance he moved to an isolated house in the woods.

Brady is a big sweetheart of a wolf shifter. Sexy and kind he drops everything when he gets Skylar’s call about the pups. He’s a little rough around the edges at times but once he realized that Skylar isn’t afraid so much as shy they quickly settle into a comfortable team.

I loved the men’s interaction with the pups. The bond that immediately forms between Sky and little Hansel and Gretel is lasting and genuine. They are so sweet together and nothing is going to keep them apart. From the moment Sky heard them crying for help there was no question that he would do anything for those little guys and does on more than one occasion.

Things happen quickly between the men, but they’d also known each other for years and both had misunderstood how interested the other man was. When they have the chance at being together they jump in with both feet. Add in the intense emotional situation and the changes in their lives and it made sense. There are never any guarantees in life or love no matter how much we would all like to believe there are.

A fast, short read that will pull at your heartstrings and have you rooting for these people to all come together and make a happy family. I loved it.

Reviewed by Nina

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