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Gay List Book Reviews is dedicated to honest reviews of LGBT romance books in any sub-genre, any pairing. Got a trans story? We’d love to see it! Polyamory? Hell yes! Got an M/M with a possible F thrown in for good measure? Okay! See the contact page for information on how to submit your book for review. We will only accept published stories, whether through traditional publishers or self-published. There will be occasional contests, as much as authors are willing to donate, so stick around! Freebies are good!

About the Reviewers:

Nina lives on the West Coast and is always reading. Addicted to books, coffee, and Dr. Pepper (in changing order) you will usually find at least one in each hand. She thinks there is a reading gene and it causes an insatiable need to devour everything you can get your hands on. She knows some of the greatest inventions of our time are the smart phone and the lovely apps that let you carry as many books as will fit in its memory. Having some really hot gay friends started her on her path towards the m/m world, and who better to give you a great recommendation for what to read? And a new addiction was born. She reads most anything in the LGBT universe but will always have a special place in her kinky heart for m/m romances and mysteries and comedies and science fiction and cowboys and cops and ménage and fantasy and okay, if it has guys in love or lust, it’s hot!

R.W. Beans loves many things, her hubby, her children, coffee, and romance novels. A perfect day includes all of those. She read her first romance when she was 14 and a freshman in high school. She hid it in her backpack and read it after sports practice while waiting for the bus.  Her mother would have come unglued if she had known. She didn’t know anything about boys or romance and that book scared the living daylights out of her. But she never forgot about it. Fast forward a lifetime and she is a bit of a romance junkie. She reads love stories obsessively.  She thrives with the dance of a good love story. Angsty characters, emotional growth, steamy sheets, they all appeal to her. So bring it on, she has a hot cup of coffee and is ready to read.

Connie is the nickname I adopted while living in UK, as Constanza was too difficult for the Brits to pronounce. I’m a daughter, a big sister, a soon to be auntie,  a godmother, a friend, a blogger, a coffee addict, a porn supporter ;), a social media butterfly… I also have a day job that I love and allows me to travel some. A couple of years ago I read a very popular vampire saga, sue me! Soon the books were not enough, that’s how I got into FF and from there Slash. I am still a fangirl at heart. But once I got my hands on my first MM book, I was gone, I found my true love. And that is how I discovered another passion, I am an avid reader. Never leave the house without my kindle. I read and review, I share my love for books with whoever is near me. Alpha males are my undoing, soft contemporary romance stories that break my heart or give me back hope in humanity, jock/nerd stories,  May to December lovers, are among my favourites to read. Even the here and there BDSM story is my cup of tea. I don’t have many hard limits when it comes to reading. I will always give everything a try at least once, so that’s how I know what is not for me. I am the type of reader that feels guilty over a DNF, so if you ever see one of those from me you’ll know it was the wrong book for me. Anything else you want to know about me, just ask. I am always around twitter or GR, don’t be shy.

Teddy’s younger years were spent playing and reading in the big playground of London, her more (only slightly) mature years are now spent playing and reading on the south coast of the UK. Where I enjoy married bliss, family and friend time exploring the countryside, golden sandy beaches and working for a local charity. My biggest passion is reading, escaping to the worlds of fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, historical, military and romantic fiction! Where would our world be without the wonder of the written word!. This is followed by my love of aviation and I have on occasions been known to take to the skies at the controls of a  Piper PA-28 Warrior, logging hours towards my pilot’s licence. I also have a fondness for Formula One motor racing!

Sparks is a voracious reader and film buff. She considers herself a trend-setting fashionista with an eclectic style and a penchant for all thinks sparkly. She came to M/M romance by way of yaoi and BL manga fandom, and now strives to divide her time between hot guys getting it on in manga and in fiction. Wherever she goes, her precious Kindle is always at her side. Currently residing in the Midwest for a job (and planning to escape one day), she has lived all over the world, including stints in Scotland, Japan, and Canada. Sparks is also an aspiring M/M romance writer hard at work on her first novel.

Jules is a Florida girl that hates the heat and humidity. She stays indoors to beat the soaring temps and escape into her books. With a very religious family around she has been sneaking romances, first Harlequin historicals and later m/m romance, for years. She has a degree in Art History & Medieval Studies and plans to teach high school history someday. By someday she means as far into the future as she can push it. She really, really hated high school and high schoolers…When not reading steamy m/m she loves to watch documentaries on the History Channel; the only thing comparable to a new book is a marathon of The Rise and Fall of Rome. Give her a pot of Earl Grey and a book (contemporary, historical,angst filled, or suspenseful, etc. she’s not picky) and she is one happy gal.



  1. Happy to see a new review site — and you’re not authors! Hooray! I love honest, FAIR reviews, unlike too many gay fiction sites that also write Gay Fiction. Another site I adore is Michelle’s Top2Bottom Reviews for Gay Fiction. Welcome Red Licorice and Anita Mann!

    Keta Diablo

  2. Hi guys,
    I would love to submit my m/m romance and novella to you in the hopes you might review it – BUT, I can’t use the “Contact Me” link (I don’t use Yahoo or Gmail – am I an enigma…?lol) – and I can’t find an email address for you anywhere 😦

  3. I would really love to have my M/M erotic romance, Worth Waiting For reviewed here and I have all the information except for where to submit everything to. A web address would be helpful. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  4. I was looking for reviews of gay romance books, looking for a gay man’s perspective, especially regarding writing traps (for me anyway) like heteronormativity and the straight-man-only-gay-for-one-guy-only-tops-and-swears-he’s-straight trope, etc.

    I’m wondering if you also look at these? Thanks!

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