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Hot Mess

HotMessTitle:  Hot Mess

Author:  Rowan McAllister

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Length:  200 pages

Rating:  B List

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love

Blurb:  Too much partying and self-inflicted trouble have left Cameron Lacey’s life a complete mess. But he’s determined to change, and he’ll do anything to keep a roof over his head until he gets himself together. When he’s introduced to Sam Powell, he can’t believe Sam will let him stay without expecting anything in return—in Cameron’s world, nothing is free. Realizing Sam’s bleeding heart is exactly as it appears throws Cameron for a loop… and completely head over heels. Unfortunately, old habits die hard.

Cameron’s demons rear their ugly heads, leading to a series of backsliding disasters and fumbled attempts by Sam to save Cameron from bad choices. As Cameron struggles to become who he wants to be instead of who he is, he also comes to hope Sam will discover that what’s right for him might not be what he’s looking for—but who he already has.

Review:  What a great book this one was. Very entertaining, easy to love characters, great conflicts and relationships.

Book boyfriend material, totally! But I am still undecided if I want to have Cameron as a BF and marry Sam or the other way around. Because being completely honest,  Cameron´s bad boy attitude, piercings and trouble making tendency works great with my teenaged heart. And Sam is perfect as husband and father of my future fictional children.

So, there. We can all be one happy family.

Back to the book, this was a light read. Even with all of Cameron´s issues, it was still not high on the angst.  Their dynamic was a very interesting one, Sam has issues with the age difference and if you look at them separately you would never pair them together, but their weaknesses and strengths match.

Sam finds himself trying to join the world of the living after an awful break up. His sister introduces him to Cameron, a boy that needs help while getting back on his feet.

What they were not expecting was to find a friend in each other, enjoying their moments together, creating a routine and falling into a nice companionship.

Cameron makes mistakes, and has a hard time expressing his feelings. He feels comfortable with Sam and with the life they have. But his place outside of their friendship is not clear, it’s an unknown territory for Cameron. He feels inadequate, among Sam´s other friends.

Sam is completely blind to what´s going on around him. His apprehension about the age difference doesn’t let him see that what he wants and wishes for, is right in front of him.

And that the easy going relationship he has going on with Cameron is turning into something different, more important.

It takes some separation time, for both of them to come to their senses, and really see their relationship for what it is, acknowledge the sexual tension that has been there from day one, and act on those feelings.

If there was something that let me down it was on the proofreading side, some duplicate words, some missing ones; that took me out of the story a few times.

I like finding these gems every once in a while.  Read it for the enjoyment of reading. Read it to fall in love with the bad boy, while secretly hoping that he has a HEA with the good boy.

Reviewed by Connie


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