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Isle of Waves (The Isle Series: Book 3)

IsleOfWavesTitle:  Isle of Waves  (The Isle Series: Book 3)

Author:  Sue Brown

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Length:  220 pages

Rating:  B List

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love


Blurb:  The Isle Series: Book Three

Wig Tobias and Nibs Tyler have been together for a long while, but this year their love is about to be tested. Their business, the Blue Lagoon Restaurant on the Isle of Wight, is vandalized, and it may or may not be a coincidence that the neighbors want to buy them out. Making matters stickier, the police don’t seem interested in investigating until a friend of the couple, an out of town copper, prods them to take action.

Their friends, Paul and Olaf, Liam and Sam, and the whole Owens family come to help Wig and Nibs in their time of need. But Paul and Olaf may need a nudge from Wig and Nibs to keep their relationship alive. Meanwhile, a dear friend falls gravely ill. And if that’s not enough, Nibs has been hiding his own medical problems from Wig. When a gale strikes the Isle of Wight, the Blue Lagoon and its owners could be facing the end—unless they and their friends can unravel the knot of misfortune one hitch at a time.


Review:   This is the third book in a wonderful series that centers around a huge marvelous family. This time our focus is on adopted members Wig and Nibs.

These books should be read in order and really build on each other. Since it centers around a large family and a small island town. There are too many people and events that run throughout all of the books to try to jump in at a later book. They are all very sweet and romantic and full of snarky characters and true love.

We pick up where we left off in the last book with Wig and Nibs coming home from the wedding to a nasty surprise.

We’ve spent time with Wig and Nibs in the previous books and loved their snark and devotion to each other. They’ve been an example of a happy, monogamous couple for the couples in the first two books. I was so glad that we got to see them more intimately in this story. 

Wig is such a drama queen. Part mama bear, best friend, and General, and all sex kitten. He’s the shoulder everyone cries on, which works out well since he loves to meddle and matchmake. His number one priority is always Nibs, and he takes very good care of his sexy bear. He runs their home and restaurant with OCD level cleanliness and organization and knows how to read all of their customers. 

Nibs is a big growly bear with a gooey soft center. He’s always there for the people he loves, often in ways that he hopes he’ll never get the credit for. He has a growly grump reputation to keep up after all. He knows how to take care of his boy, Wig, the love of his life and his forever. 

I love this couple. They’ve been together a long time and been through so much together. The last year has been very difficult in really hard and even ugly ways. And things seem to be getting worse every day. But there is never any doubt that whatever happens, wherever life takes them, they will always be together. 

I was so glad that almost all of the real drama and conflict in the story was outside of their relationship. While events and their choices impacted them and caused arguments and (come on it’s Wig, there is going to be some drama) and they aren’t exempt from the traps of long term commitment. They remain devoted and besotted after years of making a life together. 

This is still an Owens story. Wig and Nibs were adopted long ago and when they are struggling the Owens rally around them and intrude and boss and overstep and love them through it all. They’re family and “an Owens never leaves family behind.” 

We get to see the inimitable Rose again and enjoy her tart snark and fierce love for her family. Especially her special boys. 

We get to see Paul and Olaf and their regularly scheduled drama. Olaf really needs to let his issues with bisexuality go. (Personal opinion here, but I think being closeted (Olaf) is a much higher risk in a relationship than being bisexual (Paul). A cheater is going to cheat and sexual orientation won’t have anything to do with it. Actually the closeted guy’s probably would.) 

We get to see Sam and Liam again. Happy newlyweds and so sweet and loving with each other. Liam’s injuries were serious enough that he’s still recovering and will be for a while to come. Their devotion is unshakable and I enjoyed seeing them so happy and settled together. 

This is a series that I know I can count on. It will always be sweet and sexy. Funny and full of sarcasm and sibling spats. Love is never in question, whether family, friends or lovers, there is always much love, support and acceptance. There will be real life stuff that will make me angry, frustrated and sad. I will tear up and even cry a little every time. I will read them again and again over the years and be glad to experience them again every time. 

Reviewed by Nina


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