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The Poodle Apocalypse by John Inman

PoodleApocolypse[The]LGTitle: The Poodle Apocalypse

Author: John Inman

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: D+ kathy D

Blurb: With the world suddenly teeming with zombies, Charlie and Bobby are fighting to stay alive. Being about as gay as two people can be, they insist on doing it with panache.

Even with the planet throwing up its legs in submission, there is no reason a couple of style-conscious guys can’t look good while saying good-bye to the age of man and ushering in the age of… God knows what. Amoebas, maybe. With their loyal zombie poodle, Mimi, at their side, they bravely face the apocalypse head-on.

Death, destruction, and the undead they can deal with. But without electricity, it’s the depressing lack of blow-dryers and cappuccino machines that really pisses them off—until Bobby goes missing! Suddenly Charlie has more than fluffy hair and a good cup of coffee to worry about….

Review: Take a look at that cover, darlings. Doesn’t that want to make you buy this book instantly? It certainly had that effect on me. Kudos to cover artist Paul Richmond. This may be the most fun, most colorful, most everything cover I’ve seen in ages. It’s simply wonderful.

Combine that cover with that book title, and I predict it’s going to sell like mad! Sheer genius.

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t deliver.

Yes, it’s written very well. It’s tres amusing, sweeties, and while I didn’t laugh out loud, I most certainly grinned a couple of times. The editing is also good (and don’t we all notice this these days, given the plethora of badly-edited self-published books out there?).

I admit to not being much of a zombie girl. In fact, I think the whole idea is stupid, but once again… *points to the cover, points to the book title*

So I read the tale. It’s quite short, actually. I think it took me about an hour. I have no problem with short stories. Sometimes, they are just the ticket, lovies. However, as I was reading, and unbelievably enjoying, this little story of zombies on the attack and two gay boys who sound delicious, I eventually reached the end.

At which point, I scowled, swore, tossed the Kindle aside (carefully, because I did not want to break it) and removed my feather boa, which I had donned in acknowledgement of the pretty pink scarves the boys and Mimi sported throughout the story.

The ending! It ruined the story for me, my darlings, and I really hate to say that as it was going along so nicely until that point.

The cover and title gets A+. The story (up until That Point) gets a B. The ending gets a big fat red F, just like the one I got on that geometry test back in high school. I feel so strongly about that F ending that it brought down the entire score. Such a shame.

Reviewed by: Red Licorice


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