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We Gaylist Timeless, a series of sensual adventures by Michael War

Title: Timeless: A Sensual Time Travel Adventure

Author: Michael War

Publisher: n/a

Rating: D+ 

Blurb: After dumping his intelligent but bland boyfriend, lonely scientist Marcus ventures into Earth’s prehistoric past to find the next big discovery. But instead of science, Marcus unearths passion courtesy of an exotic caveman who rescues him from danger and fulfills his deepest fantasies.

Around 3,300 words, this gay erotic short story is the perfect backdrop for any person’s (or couple’s) imagination.

Warning: This short story contains descriptions of gay sex acts and is intended for mature audiences.

* * * *

Title: Timeless: Pharaoh’s Kiss

Author: Michael War

Publisher: n/a

Rating: D+ 

Blurb: Tired of listening to his ex-boyfriends tale of time traveling eroticism, brilliant scientist Daniel decides to go on an adventure of his own. However, after landing in Ancient Egypt, Daniel gets more than he bargained for when the Pharaoh himself shows an interest in this exotic time traveler.

This is the second in the Timeless Adventure Series, which continues the saga that began with Timeless: A Sensual Time Travel Adventure.

At 5,000 words, Timeless: Pharaoh’s Kiss blends just the right amount of romance and gay erotic fantasy for any summer or bedtime reading.

Warning: This short story contains descriptions of gay sex acts and is intended for mature audiences.

Review: It’s all about the sex, darlings. There isn’t much story here. Mostly, it’s about how fast you can get hard, get sucked, get fucked, get off. There is no character development. Even though time travel is used as a device, there is no explanation of how it works or why they’re going somewhere. Everything takes place in the shallow end of the pool, so if you’re looking for something deep and meaningful, this isn’t it. *tosses red boa over her shoulder and gulps from the Cosmo*

In the first story, Marcus runs into prehistoric man… who is not small and stooped with his knuckles on the ground as NatGeo and science would have us believe. No! He’s gorgeous. And he can’t wait to fuck.

In the second story, Daniel meets an Egyptian slave, who of course can’t wait to fuck, and then he meets Pharaoh. Who can’t wait to fuck.

Obviously, these are fantasies because there is absolutely nothing factual here, move along, nothing to see.

One thing you all must know about me: I value editing. If that isn’t good, I start skimming. Find a beta or two, hire an editor, but do have it done because there is no writer alive, even the best of them, that can’t benefit from a judicious eye.

Sorry to say, my sweeties, I started skimming. This is never a good sign. I will allow as how some readers may enjoy masturbating to these stories. I believe that is why they were written. Go to it, with my blessings! I, however, will await a story.

Reviewed by: Red Licorice




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