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The Heart of the Kingdom (The Kingdom Curses: Book 1)

unnamedTitle:  The Heart of the Kingdom  (The Kingdom Curses: Book 1)

Author:  Sasha L. Miller

Publisher:  Less Than Three Press

Length:  250 pages

Rating:  B+

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love

Blurb:  All Cenric wanted was a necklace to gift to his lady love, in the hopes it might persuade her to actually become his lady love. Instead of love, however, Cenric is informed of her engagement to someone else, wakes up to find his house burning down around him, and is dragged away by a man who might have saved him, but won’t say much about why one necklace has Cenric running away from someone willing to kill to get it back.

Review:  I had so much fun with this story. A journey into a world of magic, quests, rescue missions, curses, dwarves, elves, secrets, betrayals, family, friendships, discovery, intrigue, and two men falling in love.

The story is told in two parts from each main character’s perspective. Cenric and Rylan seem like such opposites when they first meet, but they quickly discover that they share everything they value in common.

Part One is told from Cenric’s perspective. He is shy, sweet, smart and lonely. He lives a simple life in a small town and is completely unprepared for the twist of fate one simple purchase creates. He loses everything only to gain more than he could ever have dreamed of hoping for.

Cenric is in way over his head but he remains a sweet and caring man who keeps his sense of humor and gains courage and confidence as he faces obstacles, challenges and serious threats.

Part Two is told from Rylan’s perspective. He is so much fun. He’s impatient and impetuous, strong and brave, a warrior with a joke and a smile. There is something so charming about him. He has a hard time standing still or holding back, always wanting to be in the thick of the battle or adventure.

What he thought would be a difficult mission quickly turns into a complicated and life altering journey. He can’t help but want to help Cenric any more that he can keep from falling for him.

I liked Cenric and Rylan, they’re good men who always try to do the right thing. They seem to be very different on the surface, but they share the same values. I always enjoy the shy and awkward guy whose love interest can’t help falling in love with him. Add in the whole brash tough guy who worries he’s not good enough and this is a great little love story to go along with all of the magic adventure.

Stories where both characters grow and become stronger for the love and sacrifices that they make as they fall in love are always a favorite of mine. These men save each other and are willing to become the best versions of themselves. There is never any hesitation or doubt that they will make the right decision or that they belong together.

A fantastic start to a new series that I am looking forward to following, with new stories of action, adventure, magic, romance, family, world building, sweet love and a whole lot of fun.

Reviewed by Nina


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