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Shifters For Sale (SeXlection: Book 1)

Shifters-For-Sale-Eire3Title:  Shifters For Sale   (SeXlection: Book 1)

Author:  Flynn Eire

Publisher:  Supernatural Script Inc.

Length:  110 pages

Rating:  B List

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love


Blurb:  Born a slave, Joss grew up alone, uneducated, unloved, and dreading the day he turned eighteen and began servicing those who came to the brothel. It’s a horrible life for the cat shifters who have no rights and aren’t even seen as people. The only highlight is the massive parties the brothels throw once every few months to draw in potential buyers.

Joss is about to give up the dream of finding a permanent owner—the hope of every slave. But then the mystery man in the white mask buys him, turning his world upside down. While Joss should hate that, all he wants is to make Dencil happy and solve the man’s problems. Will the cost of Joss’s help be more than he can handle?

Review:  This author’s books have always been a sweet and dirty, kinky, sexy treat for me. They are relatively simple on the surface and are a lot of fun, but there are always undercurrents of human nature and healing. People can suck and frequently there are victims, but in her books those victims always have strengths and they overcome and the bad guy always gets his ass handed to him. And for those, like me, who adore hurt/comfort, these books deliver that in spades. What’s not to love?

In this new series SeXlection, which is set in an alternate reality, where in the 1970’s the shifters were discovered and regular humans pulled a fast one and enslaved them. Now a few generations into the future they have no rights, aren’t considered people, and the government has assigned classifications and each breed of shifter has been delegated certain roles. Cat shifters are the prostitutes housed in government run brothels and sold as personal sex slaves. They can take a ton of damage and heal it fast, are crazy flexible, and have very high sex drives. But no choices. They have shock collars that are used to subdue them and will kill them if they try to shift.

Joss is much more than you first expect. He’s small and cute and looks pretty harmless. Until he shifts into a huge Bengal tiger. He is tough and honest and very loyal. When he is purchased by Dencil he understands that the man already owns a mated pair of pumas that he is hoping Joss can help him bridge the gap with. All he wants is a safe home and maybe a little love and affection.

Dencil is too serious when he first brings Joss home. He lacks communication skills that have caused him a lot of problems and he is going to have to learn how to speak from his heart and truly listen if he is going to keep Joss and all he holds dear safe. Luckily his heart is a lot bigger and softer than his harsh demeanor would lead you to believe and if he can let down his guard and embrace all that Joss is offering him he could find a future that is happier and richer than he ever dreamed.

Everything moves pretty fast and things are almost insta-love between the men, but they kind of have to be since it is a short novella. While this is a mates book, they aren’t fated mates so everyone gets a choice, which is nice since things are complicated.

These men are delicious and they have sex everywhere, as often as they can. Neither is particularly shy or inhibited. Nor do they have a problem allowing a few particular people into their fun times.

A fast and fun read that sets a sexy and humorous tone for a new series I look forward to reading more of. Recommended for those who are looking for something light and fun and full of sex.

*****Trigger Warning With Spoilers***** In the first chapter Joss is used as an enslaved prostitute before he is purchased by Dencil, so the first couple sexual encounters (are very brief) while humorous are not mutually satisfying. There is an attack where a character is bound, beaten and raped. There is talk of rape of other characters that occurred in the past. *****

Reviewed by Nina


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