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Biochemistry (Chemistry: Book 2)

BioChemistryTitle:  Biochemistry (Chemistry: Book 2)

Author:  Andrew Grey

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Length:  158 pages

Rating:  B List

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love

Blurb:  Chemistry: Book Two
Sequel to Organic Chemistry

When his college biochemistry class turns out to be much more difficult than star quarterback Freddie Samuelson imagined, his lab partner, Kurt Maxwell, agrees to help. They’re very different: a rich kid athlete and a hardworking openly gay scholarship student. But Kurt slips past Freddie’s defenses, and little by little—despite Freddie ignoring his own sexuality in the past—Freddie realizes he wants to get to know Kurt, especially when Kurt helps him through more challenges than their science class. But it isn’t long before rumors begin to fly, and the obstacles Freddie will face may block him from both the future he planned on and the future he didn’t know he wanted.

Review: Can we all agree that Andrew Grey is a must buy? I think it will make all things easier. I had the joy of reading the first book in this series Organic Chemistry. I was stoked to grab up book two.

This series is a fun romp through the college campus of a small private school. The first book was a story of the assistant football coach and a chemistry professor. Although both of the characters are in this book, as well, they are a used as a mature influence on two men finding their way.

Kurt is young, intelligent and is determined to make his opportunity at a more elite college pay off for him. He is out, but focused on school, more than men.

Freddie is struggling with his identity. He is pushing and pulling, not going anywhere but the short trip to frustration land about his sexuality, self worth, or place with his family. He believes he is good for nothing but football and has not allowed himself to think past this stage of his life.

Then they meet and everything changes. It’s not a lightning bolt of lust and love but a journey with these two men. One knows who he is and the other is hiding behind his parent’s money and influence.

I enjoyed the growth and maturity that happened on the pages of the book. I liked that they were friends, adversaries and lovers. It’s not a long book but I felt that Mr. Grey was able to pull us into the lives of these young men as they explore their first real relationship. As always I can count on the author to write a fun story full of characters that will have me smiling for days to come.

Reviewed by Beans


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