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Ironhearted (Hope Cove: Book 3)

IronheartedTitle:  Ironhearted  (Hope Cove: Book 3)

Author:  Cate Ashwood

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Length:  200 pages

Rating:    B List

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love


Blurb:  Hope Cove: Book Three

Haydn Prescott stood by and watched his friends fall in love, something he hopes never happens to him. It’s too much drama,thankyouverymuch. He just wants a hot guy to roll around with every once in a while. No muss, no fuss. Out for a night of dancing, he meets Trevor Ryan and the two are explosive together. The next morning, Haydn wakes up alone.

Trevor is gone and Haydn thinks he’s seen the last of him… until months later when Trevor walks into Haydn’s bakery in Hope Cove. Entanglements and complications ooze from Trevor, but Haydn can’t ignore him—Trevor won’t let him. Haydn always believed he wanted to be free and single forever, but now he’s torn: does he want to be with Trevor or should he play it safe and stick to what’s worked?

Review:  I had the opportunity to read book one, Brokenhearted and book two, Wholehearted. I was incredibly excited about Ironhearted and the whole series.

If you read my reviews you know that Brokenhearted was big on angst and brought me to my knees. Then Wholehearted made you think, empathize and get just plain angry sometimes. So I went into this very curious as to what the author would do now.

We meet Haydn in book one and he is instantly appealing. An out, proud and flamboyant gay man in a small town running a family business. He pushes himself into a new life and a deep friendship with his now business partner, Oliver and is happy. That is what I loved about Haydn. He had accepted his lot, pushed for his dreams and was comfortable in his own skin.

Does he have issues? Yep. Ironhearted is a perfect title for this book, because of Haydn’s stance on love. He had to seriously work through some issues to be able to become a partner in his and Trevor’s relationship. But if there is anything we learned about him in the previous books it’s that Haydn was always up for a challenge.

Trevor was an exciting character. Boy next door looks, sweet and beautiful, oh, and did we mention more than he seems? He skates into Haydn’s life, takes one look at the beautiful man in front of him and fights until he has no more fight left.

This book will not having you curling up into an angst ball. It won’t make you angry at the world around you. It will keep you reading. It will make you smile. It might make you want to give Haydn a cookie and smack across the head, but only because you have fallen in love with him and want him to crack open that iron heart and grasp all he can have in life.

I don’t know if there are more Hope Cove books in the future, but to be certain if you love m/m romance these are a must read.

Reviewed by Beans


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