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A Bite in Time (Orbus Arcana: Book 2)

2Q==Title:  A Bite In Time  (Orbus Arcana: Book 2)

Author:  Viki Lyn and Vina Grey

Publisher:  VIVI

Length:  178 pages

Rating:  B List

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love


Blurb:  Book 2 of the Orbus Arcana series

A dangerous secret, a vampire, plus one sexy cop is a recipe for trouble.

JOHN REEDER has accepted his love for VINCENT KAMATEROS, but he doesn’t know his lover is a vampire. When a killer targets Vincent, John has to deal with uncovered secrets that blow his life apart.

Will Vince reveal his true nature to protect the cop who has come to mean more than his own life? In doing so, he might ruin his only chance for a ‘happy ever after’ with John.

Review:  With the second installment in the exciting Orbus Arcana series the action picks up and the intrigue deepens.

We join Vince and John a few months after the end of the first book. They’ve become steady lovers and John has been honest with his sister about his sexuality and his relationship with Vince. John is still working up his courage to tell the rest of his family and the people he works with. While Vince has had to continue to hide that he’s a vampire or risk punishment and danger for John if the Justicio finds out that John knows about vampires.

Things are going as well as can be expected for a relationship with so many huge secrets when Vince discovers another dead body. While he’s not a suspect there are strange aspects of the case that keep putting Vince’s name back into it. There seems to be a vampire theme involved and John finds out that Vince is considered an expert in the field.

Questions are raised on all sides and loyalties are tested. It begins to become clear that there are forces working against Vince and his return to his rightful place as Lord Heir. With more questions than answers, and everyone hiding information, the lack of knowledge could prove deadly for both Vince and John. Both men want to protect and save the other from the threat that looms larger every day. They’ll have to be honest and trust each other like never before as they race to save each other and try to survive to find their happy ending.

Angelo is such a fascinating contradiction. I keep hoping that he’ll get his own story told. His powers and history are hinted at enough to make me want to dive deeper into his life and see the world through his eyes. There is definitely something going on with Angelo and Jude Mikhail and I want to hear that story.

There are so many changes occurring in their lives in this book. They are in such a different place at the end and it has me hungry for the next story in the series. Things are only going to get more intense as the men move closer to their happy ending. As they become more open with their families and deal with the fallout. I keep hoping that John’s parents will be cool. I can’t help but worry for John’s safety when he enters into the vampire world, so many secrets, alliances, traditions, power trips, elitism, and all the other trappings of dangerous royalty. They’ve already proven dangerous for a well connected, powerful vampire like Vince.

A fun and sexy series that I’m really enjoying. The authors have their own take on the vampire myth and have created a complex society and world within our world. I’m excited to learn more about that world in the next installment of the Orbus Arcana series.

Reviewed by Nina


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