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Rising Frenzy

RisingFrenzyTitle:  Rising Frenzy

Author:  Brandon Witt

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Length:  350 pages

Rating:  A List

Up All Night Satisfaction

Up All Night Satisfaction

Blurb:  Sequel to Submerging Inferno

A Men of Myth Story

Heartbroken, angry, and hurting, warlock Finn de Morisco can feel darkness growing inside, altering every aspect of his life. There are moments when the man he used to be seems to have been devoured completely. Retreating from his family and everything he once held dear, Finn attempts to escape the despair left in the wake of Brett’s rejection—only to find dangers he never knew existed.

Still struggling with the decision to leave everything he knew behind, Brett Wright is swept into a maelstrom as he searches for his place within his newly discovered family. Life beneath the surface of the ocean should have been unlike anything he’s ever known, yet prejudice over his demon ancestry and homosexuality follows him. Even the existence he begins to build may not last as those he is learning to love face extinction.

Review:  Another evil cliffhanger that only fuels my curiosity and impatience. Faced with a challenge to deliver a book as good as Submerging Inferno, Brandon Witt actually delivers an even better, more complex story.

The alternate universe built by the author has so much detail, you can’t miss a thing. The creatures, the tribes, nothing is left out. They have traditions and legends within the legends. An Amazing job at world building, I can not imagine the planning and research he invested in it.

I must confess this is my first time reading mermen, and if you are a fan, well you are in for a treat. Some mermen we have here. A tribe ruled by a woman, and innocent mermaid that turns into a BFF by being patient and helping Brett understand the new ways, his new life. And some very hot mermen, still ambiguous about their sexuality but I have my eyes set on Wrell. 😉

Brett’s discovery of his family and the legacy, proves to be painful and just as hurtful as the coming of age he faced among his human family. His tribe does not understand his tendencies, blaming his demonic heritage. He has to come out again, face rejection again.

Out, on the surface, still trying to survive is poor lost, lonely, heartbroken Finn. This was the worst part of the story for me, seeing him hurting. And seeing him not coping with it. Drugs, anonymous sex, danger, he doesn’t care about himself or his family, he is just gone. He feels broken, not whole and doesn’t know how to put the pieces back together. He feels he is not strong enough.

Insert one cute Fairy, OMG. Funny, beautiful, patient. His jokes, his way of seeing life makes all the difference to Finn. He finds someone that has a very light view of life, and that is exactly what Finn needs, a breath of fresh air. New eyes, to see his reality in a new light and maybe found a reason for all the madness that surrounds him.

Definitely a very engaging read. I love all the detail Brandon Witt puts into the story telling, the descriptions, the relationships, the connections. Everything is slowly developed, the thickness of the plot is shown to us chapter after chapter and HONESTLY I didn’t know what was coming next. And the funny/weird thing was that I didn’t have expectations, like I wasn’t thinking this is what I want to happen next; NO I was all for wherever Brandon was leading me, I just wanted to read and enjoy the ride.

Mr. Witt’s evil ways had me shipping the demon and the warlock from the first time they meet, can I call them Brinn? Yes, great. So I was a shipper, and now I have a fairy that I absolutely love and a merman that is OH! so gorgeous, what am I supposed to do here, Mr. Witt? Of course I want Brett to come back to Finn but I don’t want to cause Schwint or Wrell any heartache.

And we are left in the middle of a quest to find the truth about the mers disappearing. Another quest into the Vampire Cathedral to rescue a sister and finally figure out what do the Royals want.

All things considered I think the key, one that will surprise us all, is going to be Sonia.

Definitely a must read for all of you paranormal lovers. Go read, and then come back and tell me what you think. Am I right in my conspiracy theory?

Reviewed by Connie


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