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MermanTitle:  Merman

Author:  K.Z. Snow

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Rating:  B List

Quad Shot of Love

Quad Shot of Love

Blurb: Mongrel Series

When vampire Clancy Marrowbone returns to Purin province after nearly two years, he intends only to visit with his dear friend, Fanule Perfidor, and find out how his former lover, the mortal Simon Bentcross, is faring. But two developments change Marrowbone’s itinerary: the appearance of a drastically altered man from his past, and the reawakening of his passion for Simon.

Both of these unexpected reunions become increasingly complicated. The connection between Simon’s new creation, a bathysphere-like submersible, and a clandestine underwater-research project results in Marrowbone and Bentcross becoming hunted men. But sometimes, it takes danger to make a star-crossed affair seem worth saving.

Review:  Vampires, mermen, mongrels and steampunk, oh my! I really enjoyed this installment in the Mongrel Series. It picks up a little shy of two years later with the voices and perspectives of vampire, Clancy Marrowbone and the human, Simon Bentcross. This is a story about what can happen when two people who’ve led very solitary and self-centered lives finally meet the person who they can’t seem to leave behind.

I was very glad that I had read the first book in the series, Mongrel  because these guys played an integral part in that book and their love story began there. I strongly recommend you read that book first as it explains the world and its inhabitants, plus it is also an excellent book.

Clancy is such an interesting character. Powerful, funny, charming, sexy, loyal, independent and filled with wanderlust. Since being turned he has never been able to stay anywhere for very long. Until he met Simon he’s never wanted to. I enjoyed watching him come undone a little over Simon.

Simon is rough and very much a common man, which makes things difficult for him at times since he’s surrounded by mongrels and in love with a vampire. I loved seeing his perspective on things, especially since he wasn’t the most sympathetic character in the first book. I enjoyed him so much here. Smart, loyal, inventive, gentle with Clancy in a way that he isn’t able to be with anyone else. He was honest and strong, willing to bare his heart even while being forced to protect himself. He was truly worthy of holding the interest of the impossible to impress or pin down Clancy.

I was so glad that the guys from the first book were important in this one as well. It was great catching up with them and seeing how they are doing.

The mystery and intrigue were well done as was the building of tension. I was sucked in and had to find out what would happen next.

This is a fantastic series. Creative and different from most everything out there. The melding of worlds was very well done and the story stayed true to the incredible world the author created. I’m watching for the next book to come out.

Reviewed by Nina


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