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The Boy and His Wolf (The Wolves of Amber Pines: Book 1)

unnamedTitle:  The Boy and His Wolf  (The Wolves of Amber Pines: Book 1)

Author:  Sean Thomas

Publisher:  Sean Thomas

Length:  69 pages

Rating:   C+

Triple Shot of Yum

Triple Shot of Yum


Blurb:  Tanner never thought he’d be back in Amber Pines or back in Dash’s bed.

But four years and 1,000 miles wasn’t enough distance to make him forget the power of first love. Sure, he spent his time training with one of the world’s top Hunters and he’s no longer the scrawny teenager he used to be. But now that his former pack is threatened, Tanner is again involved in the dangerous life he thought he left behind.

Do Tanner and Dash have a second chance or has his werewolf made his heart as impenetrable as his body? With an all-out battle raging, Tanner must find his place in the new Amber Pines or be shut out forever.


Review:  A cute and sweet novella about being human in a wolf pack.

While we first meet Tanner while he is working as a Hunter in Los Angeles the story really begins and ends with the wolf pack and the mate that Tanner left in Amber Pines, Colorado.

It’s been four years since Tanner left and it’s immediately apparent that both Tanner and his mate, Dash, have both been suffering the ache of that separation. That time apart was hard and hurt them both. But I think they both learned essential things and grew up a lot during that time.

They haven’t seen each other at all and have both tried to move on with other people. It’s probably going to bug you a little and it could be a sticking point for some. But remind yourself that they had every right to try to move on while they were broken up for four years.

Everything moves quickly in this story and it’s short length doesn’t allow for much extra in the way of getting to know the characters. There is a lot of fighting and some angst in the story and things are going at high speed throughout. It’s a novella in a series so I’m hoping that we will get more details and time to get to know the characters better in the other stories.

Lots of fun and action. Much sexual tension and that ucky dealing with the ex and not being over them while you can’t figure out how they feel about you and what you want to do about them.

I had a good time reading this. I love shifter stories and I always enjoy a love story.

Reviewed by Nina


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